Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1089

Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover chapter 1089 This was the first time he admitted that he was one of the Jadesons.
It was also the first time he referred to himself as ‘Yariel’.
After hearing his identity, Myles almost fell to the ground.

“You are Jonathan’s grandson? You are a Jadeson!” He hollered, feeling a rush of fear. By instinct, he wanted to run to the truck and inform them.

Unfortunately, Sebastian was one step ahead of him. He shouted, “Get him!”

Xayden immediately raised his hands and shot a dozen needles at the man who tried to run away. After a shriek of pain, he collapsed onto the ground and was motionless.

Although he was in charge of doing research on poisons in SteelFort, he could fight a little.
Walking forward to the man on the ground, Xayden took his pulse. “He is still alive. Mr. Hayes, what should we do next?”

Staring at the truck parked outside, Sebastian ordered, “Take him back for now. Let’s not alarm anyone about the situation here and lie low.”

He felt aggrieved to make such a decision.
If this had taken place years ago, his old self would have destroyed the entire area once he uncovered the truth.

However, he had to suppress his anger this time since it was not a small matter. If his hunch was right, the mine seller was only a small pawn.

Behind him were the arms dealer and a mastermind who planned all of this!

If he wanted to catch them all in action, he had no choice but to wait.

Xayden carried the seller into the car. It went unnoticed by the rest as everyone else in the house and the chauffeur was blinded by the white mist that filled the air.

When the area cleared, everything seemed normal and no one noticed anything.

Half an hour later, Sebastian stood outside a villa, taking a puff from his cigarette. At the same time, he kept hearing screams coming from there. Regardless, he kept an emotionless facade.

Moments later, Xayden emerged from the villa covered with blood.

“Mr. Hayes, he told me everything. It was his higher-up’s order to do business with those arms dealers. However, those people look like they have been caught in Zarain.”

“Caught?” It was not something Sebastian was expecting, and he stood there in confusion.

Nodding his head, Xayden emphasized, “Yes. He even said that previously there were investigations on these arms dealers. Those investigators are having discussions in Zarain to extradite them back here. However, they did not succeed because of the interruptions by their leaders.”

Suddenly, as though something had clicked in his head, Sebastian put out his cigarette butt.

There were special police investigating the arms dealers? Could it be Devin? I’m sure it is him. Previously, I’ve heard him talk about the smuggling of arms.

Sebastian furrowed his brows.
Wait, doesn’t that mean he knew about this matter all this while? Hasn’t he been staying in Jadeborough for the past six months?

Jonathan had talked to him. In order not to steal the limelight, Devin had returned there for half a year, and there was no news from him thus far.

Yet, why would investigators be stepping in to extradite those people?

Within seconds, he felt as though his brain had turned into a puddle. His mind was jumbled up, and it was the first time he had felt this way in years.

Despite so, he collected himself quickly. He suddenly recalled Karl mentioning that Mark went to Yaleview on short notice.
Besides, Sasha was trying to reach Mark all morning but to no avail.
He finally got a grasp of what happened.

‘I can’t believe that old bast*rd lied to me!” He had figured out everything, and he was livid. Squeezing the cigarette in his hand, he yelled.

Meanwhile, Xayden stood there without the guts to speak up.

He waited till Sebastian was done cursing and lashing out.

Then, he chased after Sebastian, who was red with anger.

“Mr. Hayes, what do you want us to do now? Are you going to Jadeborough to look for Old Mr, Jadeson?” “What’s the point of looking for him? Let me call Jetroina to look for Devin.”

When he spoke of that name, Sebastian gritted his teeth.

I can’t believe he lied to me.

He figured they tried to protect him and his family; hence, they kept this from him on purpose. However, they did not know how dangerous this matter was either.

Besides, they were up against a formidable opponent.

At once, Xayden dialed the number in Jetroina. In the end, his expression changed when he heard of the news.
“Mr. Hayes, Ms. Hayes said that Mr. Devin is no longer in Jetroina.”


Sebastian, who was about to board the helicopter, heard a buzz in his head. He missed a step on the ladder.
Devin was not in Jetroina then as he had returned to Zarain.

As per Sebastian’s prediction, Devin had been investigating the arms smuggling case for the past six months, and he managed to learn the truth from one of the smugglers he caught.

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