Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1090

After the interrogation, the man revealed that they had added the non-ferrous metal ores into the firearms and later trafficked the firearms to outsiders.

Where do they get the non-ferrous metal ores? Only the Jadesons’ smelting plant can mine the metal.
Sensing something was off, Devin swiftly informed Jonathan, who was in Jadeborough.

Of course, Jonathan was seethed with fury when he learned about that from Devin. After his investigation, he discovered that someone in the smelting plant was working together with the arms dealers by mining the metal behind their back.

Sebastian had been investigating the matter. Yet, he hadn’t found out about anything so far.

Jonathan didn’t wish to involve Sebastian in this. As such, he thought of an excuse to stop him from continuing with his investigation. Then, he hid the truth from Sebastian and delegated the job to Devin to investigate further into the matter.

After knowing the truth, the Jadesons’ priority was to catch the arms dealers before their enemy’s attack.
Never had they expected that their targets had already been caught in Zarain and couldn’t be extradited back.
Devin gave Henrick a call the moment he reached Zarain.

“Hello, this is Devin. Where are you guys?”

Hearing his voice on the phone, Henrick was utterly astounded. “Major? Y-You are here?”

“Obviously! Where are the arms dealers? Why aren’t they being extradited yet? I think the evidence I provided is more than sufficient to bring them back!” Feeling a flash of irritation, Devin yelled furiously over the phone.

“I have no idea. I’ve submitted everything you provided to the authorities accordingly, but it’s not being taken into consideration. Moreover, the military is planning to transfer them somewhere else,” Henrick explained helplessly on the phone.

“This is absurd!” At once, Devin’s expression drastically changed.

Transfer them elsewhere? That can’t be real. If they really transferred them, the Jadesons wouldn’t be able to know the arms dealers’ whereabouts.

Devin tightened his grip on the steering wheels while rage pulsed through his veins that they bulged.

Without hesitation, he sped down the road and headed straight to Zarain’s police station, hoping to negotiate with the person in charge of the case.

To his surprise, Devin saw the arms dealers walking out of the police station with their hands cuffed behind their backs. As the arms dealers were being taken into a police vehicle outside, thoughts began to fill Devin’s mind.

Where are they taking the arms dealers?

Instantly, Devin stopped the car in puzzlement as he observed them at the side.

“Send them to Prison One.”

“Yes, sir!”

One of the soldiers responded to the command and brought the arms dealers to their destination accordingly.
Meanwhile, Devin furrowed his eyebrows slightly as he watched them in secret.
The arms dealers are their prisoners. It’s completely normal to send them to their prison.

As Devin was about to get down from the car to look for the person in charge, he noticed a black car was following the police vehicle closely from behind.

With a doubtful look on his face, Devin grabbed his phone to call Henrick.

“Did you send someone to tail the police?”

“No, I didn’t. I’m at the base. What’s going on, Major? You saw our man there?” Henrick denied.
Hearing what Henrick said, Devin kept mum and shot a penetrative gaze at the black car.

A man in the car peeked out to aim his submachine gun at the police vehicle and started to fire wildly in the vehicle’s direction.
Bang! Bang! Bang!

Devin had never seen something like that, as it was almost like a scene from an action movie. In his car, he watched the incident with an amused expression.

These people are daring enough to go after the police in public. They must have a death wish.

Just like that, both sides rapidly engaged in a heavy gunfight. The police attacked in return, and that caused the black car to be left at a disadvantage.


All of a sudden, a flash of light illuminated the air.

The bomb landed directly on the black car, and the man fell out in an instant.

As Devin focused his attention on the man, he caught sight of the man’s familiar uniform and the gold badge on the cap.
Only the Oceanic Estate’s guard has this uniform and cap! I can’t believe this!

All at once, Devin’s eyes narrowed. The blood began to drain from his face upon seeing that. Simultaneously, he clenched his fists tightly as fury surged through him.

Meanwhile, the police got down from their car and was about to take away the man from the ground.

Sneering slightly, Devin revved up his car engine in the black car’s direction and ran aver the man mercilessly without second thoughts.

Crack! With that, the breaking sound of the bones sounded through the air.

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