Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1091

Before he could even make a sound, he had already turned into mush under those wheels.

Even his clothes and that hat of his were dragged several feet away by that SUV and ground into nothing before the SUV finally drove off.

“Stop him! Stop him!” the police from Zarain yelled out angrily at the sight of that.

Unfortunately, how could a bunch of losers like them be able to stop someone who was a high-ranking commander from the special forces like Devin? It did not take him long to disappear from their sight.

It was another half an hour later that Devin arrived at a quiet road outside of downtown before he finally came to a stop.

He was taking deep breaths with his hands clenching the wheel. At that moment, he seemed like a lone wolf forced to the edge.
Veins popped on the back of his hands as he stared ahead with bloodshot eyes.

Emotions surged in his eyes as he tried to figure out how bad the situation was.

He then wondered what exactly Jonathan did when he was away in Jetroina for more than twenty days to have let things get so bad.

Ring… Ring…
Suddenly, the smartphone in the car rang.

He answered it immediately, feeling annoyed, “Hello?”

“Mr. Devin, thank you… for earlier…” Surprisingly, it was a familiar voice coming from the phone, Devin’s eyes widened, and he quickly asked, “Mark? Where are you?”

“I-It doesn’t matter where I am. Mr. Devin, the important thing now is that… they know that we’re looking for those arms dealers. T-They will be changing their plans after this and try to… try to rush the arms dealers to the military court. When that happens, the Jadesons would b-be ruined if those people admit to producing those firearms under the J-Jadesons’ orders.”

Mark stammered as he spoke. One could even feel how weak and in pain he was over the phone.
At that instance, Devin’s hands were shaking.

Not only was it because of the shocking news he had received from Mark, but also the sense he had of how terrible Mark’s condition must be.

It was obvious through each of Mark’s breaths that he was barely hanging on. It felt as though he would leave the Jadesons for good at any second.

“Where are you? Tell me now. I’ll go get you right away!” Devin yelled.

However, Mark merely smiled faintly and said, “D-Don’t ask me that. Mr. Devin, time is running. The men I’ve brought with me… One of their clothes and hat has already turned up in front of you today. There’ll be a… a second one soon, T-Then, a third. Their goal is to make it… as though the men from Oceanic Estate were t-there to save the arms dealers.”

Devin listened patiently to his words.

“W-With that and the confessions from the arms dealers, Mr. Devin, tthe Jadesons would be ruined. You… must h-hurry and g-get to those arms dealers. And… Ugh!”

At that point, Mark could not finish his sentence anymore. Instead, Devin heard a painful groan coming from the phone.
Devin’s eyes widened with rage.

Immediately, he put the phone down and pulled out a black box from the car. Then, he quickly got it connected and started searching.

The men from Oceanic Estate had a special way of communicating with each other. Not only was it not affected by the satellite signals, but it could also block signals from other people when being used.

The most incredible thing about it was that it was planted into the men’s bodies.

Thus, it was no surprise that Mark could contact him even in that situation.

Then again, even though he managed to contact Devin, it did not mean that he could save his own life.

As soon as Devin got the black box set up, he touched his left ear and turned on his communicator for the first time in his life.

Crack! “Are you going to talk or not? If not, then I’ll break another one of your fingers!” Along with the sound of bones breaking, Devin heard an evil, male voice coming from the communicator in his left ear.

Meanwhile, Mark snickered at the man’s words and said, “What do you want me to say? That you bunch of traitors are messing with the nation’s future all because of your selfish desires? You’re going to pay for this. The Jadesons have been protecting the country for decades. They’re the foundation of the country. If they were ruined, you bunch of cowards will suffer the people’s wrath, and you’ll pay for what you did!”

Slap! As soon as Mark finished his sentence, a loud slap came through the phone.
Then, everything fell silent after that.

Devin was devoid of any expression at that point. Outraged, he went ahead and searched for that communicator’s location with the black box without a word.

Soon, he drove off from where he was.

Twenty minutes later, he arrived at the police station he had been to before. Donning a dark blue uniform, he carried a repairman’s toolbox and entered the place.

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