Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1094

Impossible! He’s already an experienced commander. How could someone as incredible as he fall into someone’s trap? Terrified, Sabrina held her belly as she yelled with all her might, “Get out! I’m telling you to leave! Go away!”

Kira snickered at the sight of that. However, before she could say another word, the door was kicked open from the outside.

Then, a black figure charged at Kira, and she was sent flying like a sandbag with a well-placed kick.

She then landed on the floor with a loud thud.

At that moment, Solomon appeared at the door.

“Mr. George.”

The bodyguard who came in first to attack Kira turned to Soloman as Kira lay motionless on the floor.

Solomon’s expression was grim, especially when he saw Sabrina lying on the bed with her hands on her belly and her face twisted in pain.

“Go and get the doctor.” “Yes, Mr. George.” “Also, get rid of her. I don’t want to see her ever again.”

Even though he was in a wheelchair, anyone could sense the bloodlust coming from his words.

At the sound of that, Kira, who was all curled up on the floor, looked up. “No, no! What gives you the right to do that? I’m his cousin. What gives you the right to kill me when he didn’t?”

“For starters, I should’ve killed you back in Turlen,” said Soloman as he stared into her eyes.

In the blink of an eye, his fingers were already wrapped around her neck as she was being dragged past him.

Kira could not make a sound at all.


Without any time to respond, Kira’s head slumped to the side.

For Soloman, killing a person was nothing at all. After all, many had died in his hands before.

Not to mention that Kira should be long dead anyway. It was the Jadesons’ mistake for even sparing her.

After Soloman let go, the bodyguard dragged the body out of the room, and he pulled out a white napkin and wiped his hands.

A few minutes later, the doctor finally arrived and pushed Sabrina out. At that moment, Sabrina could barely think straight due to the immense pain she was suffering.

“Wait a minute.” Still, she opened her eyes and grabbed onto Solomon, who was right behind them as she was being pushed away.

“T-tell me. D-Did you know about this?”

“No,” Soloman denied immediately.

He then looked down at his arm calmly and said, “Don’t you know the likes of her? Her goal is to see you and Devin suffer. The state you’re in right now is exactly what she wanted.”

“Really?” Sabrina asked.
Having been drowning in the waves of despair and pain, she was finally comforted by Soloman’s words.
It was as though she had found a piece of driftwood in the cold sea.

At the same time, Solomon nodded and said, “Yes. Don’t worry. Just take care of yourself. Weren’t you texting him just this afternoon? How is that possible if something did happen?”

Finally, the fear inside of Sabrina disappeared as she processed his words.
That’s right. He was just talking to me a few moments ago. How could anything have possibly happened to him? Convinced, Sabrina finally let go of Soloman and was taken to the emergency room.

Salomon watched as she was wheeled away until she was completely out of sight. He then pulled out his phone and sent a message.

Soloman: What happened to the Jadesons? Where’s Devin?

Assistant: I don’t know. Everything’s off-limits. We can’t seem to get any information at all. But we do know that Sebastian left Avenport yesterday.

Soloman stared at his phone for a while after reading his assistant’s reply.

Sebastian left Avenport? Why did he leave so suddenly? Where is he going?

With those thoughts running through his mind, he finally lost his calm and quickly called his assistant on his phone.
“Where did he go?”

“He went to Smalipoint in his private jet. However, his route was kept hidden, and we can’t find out anything about it. Also, Ms. Wand seems completely unaware about this.”

The assistant told Soloman everything that was happening over at Avenport down to every detail.
Meanwhile, Soloman was surprised to hear that even Nancy was unaware of it.
At that moment, he finally realized that something must have gone wrong.

Fortunately, over at the emergency room, everything went well with Sabrina under Haruto’s efforts. Perhaps, Soloman’s words gave her hope to hold on.

“Mr. Akiyama, you can’t agitate her anymore. Her condition has been a little special from the beginning. If this goes on, the baby might be born prematurely,” Haruto said grudgingly as soon as he got out of the room.

Solomon frowned at his words.
How is this my fault? However, he did not speak his mind. Instead, he went back with a grim expression.

Soon after that, the man in black who had been guarding Sabrina all along left and headed to Zarain.

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