Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1095

At the same time, over at Zarain, Devin and his team had entered the dense forest.
“Mr. Devin, this is very dangerous. Perhaps we should ask Old Mr. Jadeson before we decide?” said Mark.
He had woken up before the team departed.

When he heard what they were planning, he could not help but worry. Thus, he hoped that Devin would reconsider his decision and said that.

In reality, what they were about to do was indeed dangerous.
After all, anyone could see that the police in Zarain was clearly working with the person behind the arms dealers.

Otherwise, they would not have kidnapped Mark and his men before looking for someone to impersonate them to save the criminals. They were trying to frame the Jadesons by doing so.

Thus, how safe could it be for Devin to go and get those arms dealers?

However, Devin merely shook his head calmly and said, “No need. We’re left with no choice now that they’ve decided to send those people to the military court. It’ll be too late if we wait any longer to inform Grandpa.”

Devin was firm with his words.
At the sight of that, Mark clenched his fists as he lay in the tent.
In the end, he had no choice but to see Devin leave.

Devin and his team, as well as the teams from the other countries, arrived at a dense forest two hours later. Devin looked down at the highway that passed through the forest and waved his hand as a signal for everybody to stop.
“Devin, is this the place?” one of the team leaders that was close to him asked.

Devin nodded at him and said, “Yes. This is the road they’re taking to get to the military court. This is also the best place for us to strike.”

“It is. But did you realize? This place is dangerous for us as well if someone were to ambush us,” the team leader warned.
Devin’s brows furrowed.

In reality, he knew that it was not the best place for them. That was why the best plan for them was to get the whole thing over with in the shortest time possible and run back into the forest to hide.

Plus, based on his instincts, he could almost be sure that the police had already set up a trap for them as well.

With that said, Devin went ahead and distributed the plan to the team leaders. He then brought his team to the very front and positioned themselves.

“Major, are we leaving as soon as we get those people?” asked Henrick.

“You guys go ahead. I’ll hold them back,” Devin replied without hesitation.

Henrick was a little taken aback by his answer.

It took a few moments before he moved his gaze from Devin and turned to the highway below them, If one asked how long Henrick had been with Devin, he probably had no idea himself.

All he could recall was that he had been Devin’s subordinate ever since he got enlisted into the military. Since then, he had been following behind him every step of the way, and they had gone through countless life and death situations together.

It did not take long before Henrick noticed the black prisoner transporter heading their way through the sniper’s scope.
“Major, they’re here.”


Devin’s eyes lit up when he heard that.

However, Henrick then added, “Ms. Woods got out today, and she went to Jetroina.”

“What did you say?”

His words were so random that they seemed out of place, and it took Devin completely by surprise.

It was not until Henrick turned around with the sniper rifle and the sunlight reflected off the scope’s glass into a bright spot on Devin’s body that he had a realization.

Immediately, he leaned to his side.


At that instance, a bullet shot through his shoulder. Blood gushed out from the wound.

“You betrayed me?”

“N-no,” Henrick stuttered as he tried to deny it.

He remained in the same position and was flustered to see Devin survive the bullet in a situation like that.
However, Devin did not care for his explanation at all and charged at him.

Like a tiger pouncing on his prey, he leaped in front of Henrick while the latter was still flustered. He then swept Henrick’s legs out from under him, causing the traitor to crash to the ground with a loud thud.

Without hesitation, he pressed his dagger against Henrick’s neck.

“M-Major, please s-spare me…”

“Spare you?”

With bloodshot eyes, Devin stepped on Henrick’s back with all his might. Like slaughtering a chicken, blood began to trickle as he tightened his grip on the dagger.

“When did you betray us? You did the same to Mark too, didn’t you?”


“Mark told me that there was a spy in the team when those arms dealers ended up in the hands of the Zarain police, yet I didn’t believe him then. You guys have been with me for so many years, so why would you want to betray me?”

As though his veins had burst inside of him, he uttered each word with agony.

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