Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1096

Devin could not understand why someone who had followed him for so many years would choose to betray him.
As a superior, he was a great leader and a great commander.

On a personal level, they were brothers-in-arms who had gone through countless battles together in life and death situations. So, why did he do it?

“Was it because the White House offered you something better? What did they promise you?” Silence fell upon them.

Ashamed and ashen-faced, Henrick could not say a word.

At that moment, Devin had a realization.

Immediately, he looked up at the prisoner transporter that was approaching closer with reddened eyes. Then, with a stroke of the dagger, Henrick took his last breath in the world.

He understood what Henrick had been offered for his betrayal.
It was none other than taking over Devin’s position in the military once the Jadesons were gone and Devin dead.

With Henrick dead, Devin kept his dagger and tore a piece of cloth from his shirt to wrap the wound on his shoulder. He then headed into the forest while crouched.

“Major, w-what happened?”

When the whole team saw Devin, they were both surprised and furious to see him wounded.

However, Devin waved his hand dismissively.

“Our opponents have discovered us. We must get this over with as soon as possible, You guys will go and distract them in the front, and I’il ambush from behind.”

After what had happened, Devin quickly adjusted his plan.
Yet, as soon as he finished his sentence, the team got very agitated.

“How can we do that? Aren’t you putting yourself in danger if you ambush them from behind? Since they’ve discovered us, we can retreat anytime if we’re at the front, but they would definitely have their backs covered. Won’t you get caught if you stay and got discovered?”

“Yes, Major. You mustn’t!”

The team instantly knew what Devin had in mind as soon as he said that since they had been with him through thick and thin.

Yet, Devin stood firm with his decision.

He even brought up his position as their superior and said, “This is an order! Hurry up and head over to the front.
Otherwise, you’ll be punished accordingly!”

The team were at a loss for words.
Finally, they gave in and brought their guns with them to the front reluctantly.

Even so, they kept looking back as they left.

Meanwhile, Devin did not look at them at all. Once he got rid of them, he took his gun and hid in the dense forest.

In reality, Devin did make changes to the plan. However, it was not the one he had mentioned to the team where they would split up and go in from both sides. Instead, his real plan was to kill those arms dealers directly.

For him, they were better off dead if he had no control over them.

Hence, Devin went behind the prisoner transporter as fast as he could.

As expected, he could sense danger as soon as he was there.

With a sense of being watched, he felt as though he could even smell the gunpowder in the air when he got there.
Blood trickled down from his shoulder, and soon, the smell of blood was added into the air.

Devin ignored all of that. When he heard the vehicles pass by the highway below him, he crouched down and went closer. Then, he moved the leaves away and looked down.

Just as he expected, there were several cars following behind the prisoner transporter.

Devin squatted down and pulled out the sniper rifle he had brought along with him. He adjusted the scope and soon, the gun was aimed at the most inconspicuous-looking van that was third in line.

“Do you think that Jonathan’s grandson would really think we’re in that prisoner transporter at the front?”

“I guess so. I heard our sniper fire off a shot just now. Hahahaha…”

“And here I thought the Jadesons are super smart. Turns out they’re just a bunch of fools.”

“Yeah. Hahahaha…”

The laughter went on.

Since Devin was quite some distance away from those arms dealers, he could not hear what they said.

Still, as a person who could speak many languages, he knew that they were mocking the Jadesons by reading their lips.

Devin’s gaze darkened at that instance. He aimed his sniper rifle at the person who was laughing the most and pulled the trigger.

Bang! Just like that, the bullet went through the window with ease and shot through the person’s head.
The whole car fell silent.

As though they were frozen, the people who were just mocking the Jadesons a minute ago did not move for more than ten seconds.

At the sight of that, Devin fired another shot immediately.

He wanted to kill all of them, and he needed to do it while they were still within sight.

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