Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1097

As expected, the second person died at the next shot.
When that happened, the people in the car finally snapped back to their senses. Immediately, they started screaming in horror.

The only arms dealer left, along with the two others who were accompanying him, cowered and quickly covered their heads with their hands.

Devin’s eyes narrowed at the sight of that. Yet, the third shot followed.


The bullet went through the window once again.

However, since he had already killed two people and they had police who were familiar with snipers in the car, the shot missed.

Instead, after the whole incident, the driver crashed the car into the barrier. The car then headed straight into the forest below the highway.

“Damn it!” cursed Devin.
He quickly collected his gun and got up. Then, he ran toward the forest to pursue them.

As things were, the prisoner transporter was completely clueless about the situation, and the other police cars were far behind.
Thus, he had a huge chance to kill the last arms dealer.

Yet, when he got there and was about to start searching with his gun, he heard people yelling.

“Didn’t you say he’s a useless piece of trash? Didn’t you say you got a hold of his woman, and you’ll be able to get rid of him anytime you want? How did this happen then? How did he manage to kill them!”

It was the remaining arms dealer who was yelling.

Devin’s eyes flickered at his words.

It was then he recalled Henrick mentioning something about a Ms. Woods getting out and going to Jetroina.

Ms. Woods? Kira Woods?

His pupils contracted at that thought.

At that moment, a bullet came toward his back.


Blood started spreading on a new spot on the clothes that were already stained red. This time, he did not manage to dodge it. As he felt the pain coming from his back, his vision dimmed.

“Major! Major!”

At that very same moment, the sounds of shots being fired went off behind him.

The place had turned into a battlefield. Several men in green came down from the forest above the highway and fired back.
Two of them quickly rushed to Devin’s side.

“Major! Wake up, Major!” they choked out.

Devin tried his best to gather himself. Soon, he was able to see that the people who were holding him were dressed in that familiar shade of green.

He extended his blood-soaked hands and pointed to the front as he said, “Help me… Kill him…”

The men were a little taken aback before they screamed and started firing wildly.
Fueled by grief and anger, they fired endlessly at the arms dealer.

At that moment, nothing seemed worse than seeing their commander, the nation’s most outstanding soldier, fall at a place like that.

Two of the team members were bawling their eyes out in front of their commander.
The scene was similar to what happened all those years ago with Shin.

Back then, Shin was also on a mission when he received news from Rufus that his pregnant wife, Frieda, was killed by the Jadesons.

Stunned and furious, he was caught off guard by the enemy.
In the end, he collapsed in front of Rufus.

Meanwhile, Jonathan had arrived with ten military choppers and two fighter jets. They circled in the air while Zarain’s police and their collaborators were getting ready to kill everyone in the team.

“Oh my God!”

The police were rendered speechless at such a formidable scene.

Their collaborators even ran away upon seeing that.
Yet, how could Jonathan let them go?

Under his commana, the fighter jets swooped down and dropped grenades on them. The entire mountain went up in flames almost immediately.

As for the people, they were blown to bits.

Hence, that was why people said never to mess with a tiger. No matter how old the tiger gets, even with its teeth all gone, one should never underestimate them.

By the time Jonathan got off the chopper, Devin was already carried out from the forest. When Jonathan saw him covered in blood, he could not help but think of his son, Shin, and he stumbled at the sight of that.

Is this karma? Because of how selfish and cold-blooded ! was back then?

Jonathan was filled with guilt as he saw the same tragedy happen to his grandson.

Trembling, he went over to him one step at a time. Finally, he squatted down and called out, “Devin.” Devin’s lips moved slightly at the sound of his call.

“Sabrina… Baby…”

Tears rolled down Jonathan’s cheeks when he heard that.

Yet, that was not even the worst part. “Give her… The medal…”

Jonathan was at a loss for words.

As though he was being ripped apart from the inside out, he watched as his grandson took his final breath.

Finally, he felt the blood rush into his brain, and he collapsed on the spot.

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