Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1099

“That won’t be necessary. Why call him? It’s not like he’s not coming.” Again, she turned her back toward him and sulked.
Salomon silently let out a sigh of relief.

Her reaction amused him, though.

To see this lady getting down off her high horse for once was, indeed, a rare sight.

Yet, the bad news that echoed in his brain cut that short moment of glee shorter. He almost smiled, but his sorrow pulled the corners of his mouth back down.

“Whatever rocks your boat. Is there anything you want me to tell him? He should be here soon, I think.” ‘I couldn’t care less.”

She went on munching her apple and responded in a coldly contemptuous tone.


Salomon didn’t know what to say. He turned away, and with his pale fingers gripping his wheelchairs armrests tightly, he asked to be pushed out of the room.

After exiting the room, the man pushing him gave in to curiosity and asked, “Mr. George, is Ms. Hayes going to stay here till the baby is born?”

“If not?” Solomon knitted his brows.

“Under our current circumstances, what would happen if you let her loose? Will she be able to handle the fact that the father to her child is no longer alive? Please be reminded that she isn’t in a stable condition right now.”

Solomon sank deep inte thoughts and didn’t utter a word.

Seeing this, the man stopped talking.

Maybe he’s right. This is the best way to protect the mother and the child.

Over in Zarain, Sebastian planned to release the news of Devin’s death only after the baby was born,

However, he didn’t expect the damage done to Jonathan would be so severe that the latter was still in a life-threatening state even after the operation.

“Mr. Hayes, we’ve given our best. Mr. Jadeson has had a heart attack previously, and the recent shocking news only dented his health further. He’s extremely blessed to still be alive.”

Jonathan’s primary surgeon was a reliable doctor from the embassy whom Sebastian appointed upon arriving here.
He was as straight as a die.

After listening to the surgeon’s explanation, Sebastian looked at the unconscious old man with all sorts of needles and tubes sticking into him. This additional shock to his previous trauma almost squeezed his life out of him.

“Uh… S-so… what would become of him?” “He might be bedridden for the rest of his life.” “O-Old Mr. Jadeson…” Mark sobbed out as tears dribbled down his cheeks.

As for Sebastian, he couldn’t put his current sentiments into words. After Jonathan was pushed out of sight, his knees buckled, and he slumped onto the bench behind him.

How did all this happen?

He’d been through quite a lot throughout his life—having a rare disease when he was a child, enduring the unfortunate event that fell upon the Hayeses, invading Jadeborough, and sparking an internal conflict between the Jadesons.

All the mentioned incidents were nothing but petrifying and dreadful.

Nevertheless, after seeing what had happened personally, his hands couldn’t stop trembling while he sat lifelessly on the bench.
Even he himself didn’t know if it was due to rage or grief over having one family member dead and another wounded.

He was completely shattered.

He remembered how unattached he was to these two members of his new family back then. He despised and shunned them and had always wanted to steer clear from being related to them.

Sebastian dropped his face into his palms.
Buzz… Buzz…


“Sebastian, are you in Zarain? I’ve already arrived at Oceanic Estate. Don’t worry. I won’t let any news seep into Jadeborough before you decide that it’s time.”

A gentle and clear voice came through the other end of the line. It was Sasha, and surprisingly, she sounded more composed than him.

When she got ta know about the incident, she immediately rushed to the place that would most probably be the eye of the storm. She wanted him to know that he had nothing to fret about with her by his side.

Sebastian’s tough shell finally cracked!

He squeezed the phone in his palm and let tears brim his eyes, trying hard to suppress his urge to kill those who’d brought harm to his family and the agony that was tormenting his soul.

“Okay. We’ll incinerate Devin’s body in Zarain. After Sabrina’s delivery, she and her baby will be escorted home by the army.”

“Roger that!”

“One more thing, Grandpa is paralyzed. If anyone in the military asks about his condition, tell them that he had a heavy fall and needs some time to recuperate before he can return.”

“Sure.” Another crisp response from Sasha.
They then hung up. Not a word more was shared between the couple.
Mark, who had been standing by the door, was slightly stunned by the change in Sebastian after the call.

He wasn’t sure what Sebastian talked about, but he could see that the gloom and doom in his eyes were washed away after the call.

Sebastian lifted his chin, straightened his back, and swiftly got off the bench.

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