Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1100

Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover chapter 1100

After twenty days, Sabrina finally flared up.

“Where’s Devin? Where did that b*stard go? Why isn’t he here yet? Get him here now!”

The pain of giving birth caused the lady to drop all pretenses. She lay on the bed, sweating profusely while yelling for Devin.
Her longing for him had not abated during these past twenty days.

Salomon stood outside the door. After hearing Sabrina’s pained cries, he could not control himself. His face pale, he looked at Haruto, who was beside him.

“Why is she screaming like that? She sounds like a dying pig. Is she all right?” Haruto was at a loss for words.
Like a dying pig? He hasn’t been scolded or hit by her in the past few days. Is he just itching for a beating?

“Relax. Every woman who gives birth is like that. Just wait, since she’s been resting well these twenty days, she’ll definitely give birth to a healthy niece or nephew for you.”

Solomon was silent.

A niece or nephew?

He found the term was a little unfamiliar to him.
However, after he snapped out of his daze, he felt better.

Sabrina stayed in the delivery room for three hours. With a loud wail, the baby was finally born.

“It’s a girl! Mrs. Jadeson, look at your beautiful baby.”

After the midwife delivered the baby, she was so exhilarated that she brought the infant to the exhausted Sabrina even without wiping the blood clean.

A girl? Sabrina was too tired to talk.
Nevertheless, she still turned to gaze at the child when it was brought to her.

Soon after, she saw a small and pink face. This is very magical. Though this small child has just been born, her face looks exactly like her father’s.

“That b*siard!”

When she saw that small face, she felt the joy of being a mother for the first time. At the same time, she also longed for Devin

Finally, she covered her mouth and laughed till she cried.

“She’s called Jaena.”


The midwives in the delivery room brightened up and looked at the baby when they heard her name.
The name sounded really beautiful. Besides, her father personally came up with it.

Thus, Sabrina finally birthed another descendant of the Jadesons healthily.

The recovery was smooth. After a week, Sabrina could walk around freely in the hospital room. Sometimes, she even carried her baby to go out for a walk.

However, as time passed, she felt increasingly upset with the man that had not visited her in a long while.
“Hello, your call is unable to be connected temporarily.”

“Hello, you…”

On this day, she could not reach Devin when she tried to call him again.

Suddenly, she threw down her phone in anger.

“Where is Solomon? Tell him that I’m returning to my country. Get him to buy a plane ticket for me now! I’m going to bring my child with me and kill that b*stard when I’m back!”

She was so infuriated that she wanted Solomon to buy her a plane ticket immediately.
After the man wearing black heard her, he could only go to the internal medicine ward of the hospital to find Solomon.

After listening to what Sabrina wanted, Solomon gazed at the stormy sky outside the window. He sat in his wheelchair and thought for a long while. Ultimately, he replied, “Please tell her to come here.”

“Yes, Mr. George.” His subordinate left.

After a short while, the sound of Sabrina’s heels clicking on the floor could be heard.

Though it had only been a week since she gave birth, she had regained her sexy appearance quickly. She wore a small leather top and paired it with an A-line mini skirt. If it was not for the baby in her arms, no one would have believed that she had just given birth.

Of course, due to the physique of her body, she had not gained weight at all during her pregnancy.
“Why did you tell me to come here? Isn’t my ID card with you?” Her attitude was very impolite when she went in.

Solomon completely ignored her words. Glancing briefly at her, he turned his gaze to the baby who was sleeping soundly in her arms. He reached out his hands and said, “Let me carry her.”

Sabrina paused.

Is this useless man out of his mind? If he wanted to hold the baby, couldn’t he have come to the obstetrics ward instead? Why did he have to ask me to come here?

Reluctantly, she shoved the child into his arms.

Solomon hugged the small bundle, then grabbed the remote and switched on the television.
Sabrina could only stare at him in bewilderment.


“Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived at the airport. Here, we can already see the accompanying troops who have arrived. They are carrying our hero’s ashes, Commander Devin Jadeson from the special forces, out of the plane.”

The newscaster’s clear and loud voice could be heard from the television, interrupting Sabrina’s words.
Sabrina was stunned.
What did I just hear?

“Major Devin was sacrificed in the international firearms smuggling case. He has been the highest-ranked casualty in recent years. He worked for thirteen years and made many contributions to the nation. In addition, he had saved the lives of innocents in many terrorism cases. He is a hero of our country and the world!”

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