Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1101

The sounds from the television did not stop.

The soldiers carried the urn, which had a flag wrapped around it, down the plane. With every step they took, the newscaster’s voice became more agitated.

It was as if she wanted to etch the name of this hero into the audience’s hearts.

Sabrina could not hear anything else but a buzzing in her ears.

The small urn with a red flag on it was the only thing she could see.

That’s impossible.

How could this be possible? He didn’t even have a chance to look at our newborn daughter. How could he die just like that? Besides, he was supposed to be in Jadeborough. He didn’t tell me that he was participating in some firearms smuggling case.

She started to search her pockets like a person who had lost all sense of awareness. Staring fiercely at the television screen, both of her hands burrowed into her red miniskirt.

“What are you looking for?” Solomon probed as he noticed Sabrina’s actions.

She was a little dazed. “I’m looking for my phone. I want to call him.”

Solomon kept quiet.

After a small pause, he still gave her his phone.

After receiving it with her cold hands, she quickly dialed that familiar phone number.

“Beep… Beep…”

“Hello?” “Devin! Is that you? Where are you? Huh? Where are you!”

Like a drowning person grasping at a piece of driftwood, she instantly started to yell when she heard a voice on the other end of the line.

Nevertheless, she was devastated as the person denied that he was Devin.
“I’m not Devin. It’s me, your brother, Sebastian.” She paused.

After what seemed like half a century, Sabrina clutched the phone and heard herself ask, “Then… Where is he? Is he with you?”

Sebastian replied, “Yes. If your circumstances allow you to, you could bring your child here. That way, when he’s being buried, she can show him some filial piety.”


In the next instance, the phone slipped from Sabrina’s hands before she collapsed to the floor.

“Ms. Sabrina!”

Two figures dashed toward her.

Sebastian was indeed more ruthless than Solomon. He did not say that Devin had died but directly told her that her newborn baby had to return to pay her respects to the dead man.

There was nothing more brutal than that.

However, it was only through this method that the woman would be able to face this new reality.
She had to know about this, sooner or later.

As Sabrina and her child sat on the return flight home, she appeared to have lost her soul. She numbly sat at the window seat, looking ahead with blank eyes.

If it wasn’t for the baby in her arms moving occasionally, causing her to pat her from time to time, she would be no different from a corpse.

When the mother and daughter went back to Jadeborough, Red Pavilion was furnished with white crocuses and was full of mourners. The majority of people there wanted to send him off after hearing about his heroic story.

Sabrina stood outside the villa, hugging her child.

She stared at the mourning hall, which was full of flower wreaths. When she saw the picture in front of her, she could not hold on any longer and felt a sickly-sweet taste in her throat.

Carrying her child, she slowly keeled over in the mourning hall.


The astonished voices around her crashed over her like a wave.

Laying on the cold floor, she blearily saw Devin gently smiling down on her.

“Darling, you’ve returned?”

“I’m back, You see, I even gave birth to a beautiful daughter for you, Darling.”

It was the first time that she’d addressed him like that.

After that, she offered the baby up for him to see.

However, she was unable to let him view her in the end as she lost consciousness. Her child had to be taken away as well.

Devin, I’m so tired. If you really leave, please bring me with you. I don’t want to chase after you anymore…

After Sebastian had met the people from the White House who offered their condolences, he hurriedly went to his wife.
“What happened?”

“Sab is back. She fainted at the entrance of Red Pavilion while carrying her baby. l’ve sent her upstairs. It’s not a big deal; she just suffered a great shock. How’s it going for you?”

Sasha’s head was embellished with a small white flower.
She wore a black dress and looked simple and neat, adhering to the solemn atmosphere of the funeral.

Sebastian’s gaze abruptly turned cold. “Hmph, those wolves are all here. They first visited Jonathan in Oceanic Estate, then came here. Seeing that I’m the only one left in the Jadesons, they must be happy now.”

Sasha was speechless.
Due to the recent events, Sebastian’s face had grown thinner. Her heart ached for him.
“All right, stop overthinking. Isn’t this what you wanted in the first place?”

She brought aver the bowl of hearty stew that she had prepared for him.

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