Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1102

Finishing that bowl of stew, Sebastian quickly went out.
Sasha also went downstairs.

Jonathan was paralyzed and Devin had passed away suddenly. Thus, Sasha and Sebastian were now the only support for the Jadesons. Objectively speaking, she was now the real matriarch of this family.

“Madam, the other noble ladies are here to offer their condolences.” “Okay.” Sasha quickly adjusted her clothing, making sure her appearance was proper. She then went to the mourning hall.

Undoubtedly, after she arrived at the mourning hall, she saw many unfamiliar faces. In terms of their appearance and the way they carried themselves, one could tell that they were wealthy and respectable women.

“Madams, Mrs. Jadeson is here.” Olivia, who was helping out at the mourning hall, quickly introduced Sasha to the women when she came down.
Those women looked at Sasha.

Jadeborough wasn’t like Avenport. It was a powerhouse and where the cream of the crop in society gathered. Therefore, one should not look down on any of these wives here.

Sasha carried herself with decorum as she made her way to them.
“Hello. My apologies for being such a poor host, but I’ve been very busy today.”

‘It doesn’t matter, Mrs. Jadeson. You’re being too polite. We’re just here to pay our last respects to Major Devin.”


After noticing that Sasha was so young, the women unanimously beamed happily, just like what Sebastian had mentioned before.

Sasha smiled before leading them to the mourning hall to pay their respects.

After they were done, they comforted Sasha for a while, acting like they truly cared about her. They told her that since the two pillars of support of the Jadesons had collapsed, she could approach them far help if she needed it.

Approach them for help? Sasha put on a grateful expression. “Okay, thank you so much. If I need help next time, I will definitely approach you.”

“Yes, you must remember that we’ve always been on goad terms with Old Mr. Jadeson and Major Deviman’s parents.
There’s no need to stand on formalities in front of us.”

“Indeed. You can also visit us at Golden Heights.”

One of the women gave her a pretty golden card as she spoke.
Golden Heights?

Sasha looked keenly at the small card.

However, there were many people around, so she could not take a good look at it. After bidding farewell to them, she had to greet new guests shortly after.

By the time night fell, all the guests had left. Finally, she dragged her tired body up the stairs.

“Olivia, how is Sabrina?” “You’re back, Madam. After Ms. Sabrina awoke, she has been sitting on her bed and refusing to eat.”

Olivia was looking after Sabrina and her daughter. After seeing Sasha, she came over with the baby and explained the situation to her.

Sabrina had only been awake for a short while.

As Sasha was afraid something might happen to the latter, she specially used a needle to keep Sabrina unconscious for a few hours. Once Devin’s ashes were buried, she gradually came to as well.

Unexpectedly, after she awoke, she did not kick up a fuss.

Sasha’s heart skipped a beat as she went into the room.

“Sab, you’re awake? Are you… Are you hungry? I’ll cook for you.” She observed Sabrina as she approached the bed.
Something was indeed off about Sabrina.

Her gaze was empty and her skin was pale. Like a doll, Sabrina blankly stared at the view outside. One could only guess what she was thinking about.

“Madam, you don’t have to talk to her anymore. She won’t have any reaction. Her baby was hungry just now and cried so loudly, but she did not move at all.”

With reddened eyes, Olivia explained to Sasha.
Sasha’s heart sank further after hearing Olivia’s words.

She understood Sabrina’s reaction to this major blow. Back when she awoke in Jetraina, she was just as devastated when she heard that Sebastian had changed completely.

However, Devin was completely gone in this case.
Sasha decided to leave her alone for the moment.

“Pass the child to me. When Dr. Wallen arrives, tell him to put her on a drip. I’ll have to trouble you to take care of her tonight.”

As she spoke, she took the child away from the housemaid.

After two hours, Sebastian came back. He removed his jacket and dragged his tired feet to the room. With bloodshot eyes, he caught sight of the small baby placed on the bed.

In addition, he also saw the woman who was feeding the child while dozing off.
After struggling for so long, she was probably very tired,


“Oh? You’re back?”

Sasha, who was yawning, immediately opened her eyes.

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