Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1103

Sebastian made his way over and scooped the child into his embrace. “Why is this kid here? Where is her mom?” Compared to Sasha, Sebastian looked more at ease with the child.
Sebastian’s experience must have stemmed from his past when he raised lan.

Sasha pushed herself upright. Due to her uncomfortable position earlier, her arm throbbed sorely. She sat on the edge of the bed and rolled her shoulders to relieve the ache.

“She’s on a drip for refusing to eat or drink. Ever since she woke up, she’s been looking dazed and out of it. How can she take care of her baby?”

Sebastian fell silent.
He looked at the child in his arms as his brows furrowed tighter. His body seemed to stiffen in frustration too.

In the end, Sebastian did not lash out. When he noticed that the baby girl had fallen asleep, he carried her to the bed and tucked her in carefully.

“Oh, I received a card today,” Sasha said.
“What card?” Sasha took out the golden card she received from the women earlier.

Although she wasn’t a local, she could tell that the card was unique. It stood out because of its detailed and elegant design.
Furthermore, the card was emblazoned with real gold.

“Who gave it to you?” Sebastian asked when he took the card from her hands. A similar look of puzzlement crossed his face as he observed it.

Quickly, Sasha explained how she met those two ladies earlier.

“I’m not sure of her name, but I noticed the jewelry draped around her neck. It’s the type that’s worth tens of millions.”

“Oh?” Sebastian continued to scrutinize the card. “There are many people who can afford such things in the White House.
However, Golden Heights is no ordinary place.”

“Really?” When she heard his words, Sasha’s sleepiness vanished into thin air.
She made her way toward Sebastian’s side with her bright eyes fixated on the gold card.

Sebastian nodded. “Golden Heights is a place where the rich wives of Jadeborough like to gather. Didn’t Janice bring it up before? Alfred’s first wife came from there.”

Out of the blue, he brought up the topic of Janice and Alfred’s first wife.
Immediately, Sasha understood his words as she let out a sigh of relief.

“Doesn’t this mean that we finally have a lead? I can use this card to mingle with these women and enter their inner circle to look for clues. You don’t have to worry about not being able to find those b*stards anymore!” Sasha told him in earnest.

All of a sudden, it looked like she had renewed vigor. All of her exhaustion was replaced with determination and excitement.

Sebastian tilted his head down to look at her.

Out of nowhere, he felt his heart skip a beat. Without another word, he reached out and pulled Sasha into his embrace.
Even after everything they had been through, he still felt guilty for how he treated her in the past.

That night, they hugged the little girl to sleep.

On the next day, Sasha planned to return to Oceanic Estate and look for Janice, who was still held captive there. Sasha wanted to obtain more information regarding Golden Heights by asking Janice about it.

However, the moment she cracked her eyes open, Olivia’s screams drifted into the room.
“Madam, Ms. Sabrina has gone missing!” Olivia’s piercing yell alerted the entire villa.

Immediately, Sasha rushed out of the bedroom without care about her appearance as she hurtled down the stairs.

True to Olivia’s words, Sasha was greeted with an empty bed when she opened Sabrina’s door. The only thing left in the room was the IV drip that Sabrina must have yanked out of her body.

“How could she disappear like that?” Sasha cried out.

She gathered the housemaids and ordered them to search around the Red Pavilion.

Yet, Sasha’s blood ran cold. Even after a thorough search around the villa, no one found Sabrina.

“Madam, what do we do?”

“Call Sebastian at once! Get him to come back and search for her!” Sasha instructed.

In the midst of her panic, she asked the maids to call Sebastian.

What am I going to do now? Sabrina’s condition is not that good. Not only did she give birth just a week ago, but she also refused to eat or drink yesterday. What if she gets into an accident? Besides, Sabrina is no ordinary woman. She’s skilled in martial arts. If she loses control, she might get into trouble. Worse yet, she might hurt herself!

Fortunately, Sebastian brought his men along to start a search as soon as he received the news.
Unbeknownst to them, it would be impossible to locate Sabrina. She had already boarded a train headed toward Yorksland.
“Mommy, that woman is still in her pajamas,” a little girl whispered to her mother when Sasha took a seat opposite her.

Not only was Sasha still wearing her pajamas, but she also had on furry slippers. Her hair was also incredibly disheveled.
Overall, it looked like she’d just crawled out of bed.

However, Sasha turned a deaf ear to the girl’s hushed whisper and gazed at the scenery outside.

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