Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1104

Immediately, the little girl’s mother covered her daughter’s mouth. “Shh, don’t say such things. She might hit you!” Hit her? Does the lady think that I’m mental?

Despite the woman’s words, Sabrina did not react. Instead, she remained in her seat for the whole four-hour journey like a puppet with its strings cut.

Her eerie silence and stillness terrified the other passengers.

By the time she reached Yorksland, most of the passengers around her had opted to sit somewhere else. The seats around her were virtually empty.

“May I know your destination, miss?” The train attendant asked hesitantly. She must have noticed Sasha’s odd behavior.
Initially, Sasha wanted to ignore her.

However, when she trudged out of the train, she noticed that she’d reached the end of the train line. A momentary look of surprise flashed across her empty gaze.

“Does this train travel to Zarain?”

“What?” The train attendant gaped at her in shock. Is she all right? Why does she look so out of it? I can’t believe she asked such an outrageous question. After all, this train only operates within the country; it doesn’t venture beyond the borders.

Immediately, the train attendant went on her guard.

Her wariness heightened when she noticed a dark red mark on Sasha’s buttocks.

“Miss, this train only operates within this country. If you wish to travel to Zarain, you would need to switch trains,” the train attendant replied.

“How do I do that?”

“It’s simple. All you have to do is purchase a ticket to Zarain at the counter. Miss, do you want me to bring you to the counter?” the train attendant suggested carefully.

After Sabrina mulled over the offer, she shook her head. “It’s fine. Why don’t you help me purchase the ticket? I’ll wait for you here.”

With that, she drew out a stack of bills from her pocket.

The train attendant gulped as she stared at the bills clutched in Sasha’s grasp. “Miss, if I may ask, w-why are you traveling to Zarain?” she stammered nervously.

How unbelievable! Not only is she dressed strangely, but she doesn’t seem to be right in the head either. To top it all off, this woman just casually took out such a large amount of cash from her pocket without batting an eye!

The train attendant used her smartphone and texted the stationmaster in secret.

“I’m looking for my husband. He hasn’t returned from Zarain in a long time. I’m going to look for him and bring him home to meet our child,” Sasha murmured as she looked at the sky. Her eyes were as bleak as ever.

The train attendant jolted in shock when she heard Sasha’s explanation.

Oh? She’s looking for her husband? But why does she look like her soul has left her body? Judging from the hollow look in her eyes, I don’t think she’s mentally stable.

Sasha’s odd demeanor caused the train attendant’s skin to prickle with unease.

At the same time, the train attendant received a reply from the stationmaster. Think of a way to escort her to the waiting room.
I’m heading there right now.

The train attendant heaved out a sigh of relief. “Miss, since you plan to go to Zarain, you’ll need to wait in the other waiting room.
This is a local line, while the train that goes out of the country is on the other side,” she coaxed.

“Really?” Sasha felt a rush of impatience.

However, she resisted the urge to lash out and followed the train attendant without another word. After all, she wanted to get to Zarain as soon as possible.

When they arrived at the waiting room, the stationmaster was already waiting for them. After he sized Sasha up, he quickly instructed the other attendants to take a picture of her so they could identify her family.

“Miss, I heard that you plan to travel to Zarain?” “Yes. When can we leave?” Sasha snapped irritably when the uniformed middle-aged man approached her.

Despite her rude answer, the stationmaster smiled. “Please don’t worry, the train will be leaving shortly. We have many shifts heading toward Zarain too. Miss, could you please give me your identification card? I need it to help you book a ticket.”

In truth, he wanted Sasha’s identification card so he could identify her and contact her family.

Yet, Sasha’s patience snapped like a frayed thread the moment he asked that. “I don’t have it!”


Her curt answer left everyone stunned.

She doesn’t have her identification card on her? Then how did she board the train?

Unbeknownst to them, the woman seated before them was no ordinary woman. She could vault through the train window whenever she pleased,

The train attendant and stationmaster left, looking even more troubled than before.

“Call the other stations and check where she boarded,” the stationmaster said solemnly.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Also, contact the nearby hospital and get them to send someone over.” This was the stationmaster’s final instruction. He had no intentions of helping Sasha purchase a ticket to Zarain.

Sasha remained in the waiting room as she waited impatiently. She was clueless about the exchange between the train attendant and stationmaster. Instead, her mind was filled with worry. I need to hurry. Jaena is still waiting for me. If I don’t bring Devin back, she might burst into tears.

She rose to her feet and paced back and forth around the waiting room.

All of a sudden, an ambulance pulled up outside of the waiting room. Several men in white coats emerged from the ambulance and entered the waiting room.

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