Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1105

‘Is that her?” “Yes, that’s her!” Out of nowhere, the train attendant emerged and pointed Sabrina out to the doctors.
Sabrina halted in her tracks.

She looked at the approaching doctors with a dangerous gleam in her eyes. In the blink of an eye, her entire demeanor changed.
A menacing aura radiated from her tensed figure.

Unfortunately, the doctors and attendant did not notice until they were right in front of Sabrina.


A chair was hurled in their direction.

With her deadly aim, the chair collided against one of the doctors as he staggered backward with a pained scream.
Seeing the chaotic scene unfolding before them, the other occupants of the waiting room became scared out of their wits.
Even the doctors and train attendant were utterly stunned.

How is she so terrifyingly strong?

Yet, Sasha was not done with her attacks. Immediately, she caught sight of the coiled rope in one of the doctors’ hands, and realization dawned upon her.

Without warning, she lashed out.




Like a line of dominoes, the doctors and train attendant toppled under Sasha’s relentless attacks.
After her blows, they couldn’t even get up on their own.

“You’re lucky that I’m feeling generous today, or I would have ended all of you!” Sasha declared as she kicked one of the doctors aside. With a scowl, she brandished a warning finger toward their limp bodies and strolled out.

A deathly silence descended over the waiting room as everyone was stunned speechless.
She must be a lunatic! They couldn’t believe that Sasha had just singlehandedly beaten a group of men.
After Sasha exited the train station, she hailed a taxi.

Once she got in the car, Sasha felt her lower stomach flare in pain. The sudden pain made her double over as she cradled her stomach.

“Miss, are you all right?” the taxi driver asked with worry when he noticed Sasha bent over.

Much to his shock, her head snapped upward immediately. The woman’s hair was plastered to her sweaty forehead as her bloodshot eyes met his through the mirror in a ferocious stare.

“Start driving.” Sasha pulled out the stack of bills from her pocket. “Save for a plane or train, do you know how I can get to Zarain? If you can bring me there, I’ll give you all of this money.”

Seeing the outrageous sum of money, the driver’s eyes lit up.
“Of course! We’re at the border. If you want to reach Zarain, all you have to do is hire a chartered vehicle.” “A chartered vehicle?” Sasha echoed in confusion.

“Yes, but let me make this clear upfront. These cars weren’t designed to be flashy. On the contrary, they’re intended for smuggling hidden goods. It’s the same thing as boarding a plane without proper identification.”

Unexpectedly, Sasha met a driver who understood her intentions.

After she considered his words, she didn’t dwell on them further. She tossed the cash into his lap. “Take this. You’ll get more once we arrive at Zarain.”

“Yes, miss!” The driver beamed from ear to ear.

Promptly, he sped toward the black market for chartered vehicles.

Back at Oceanic Estate, Sebastian finally received news from Yorksland. Without any delay, he dispatched Devin’s forces and Oceanic Estate’s security team.
He even mobilized SteelFort.

“Mr. Jadeson, we received a call from Jadeborough’s train station. Apparently, the Yorksland staff called and inquired about a woman who boarded the train without a ticket.”

“And?” Sebastian demanded.
Before Sebastian could receive a reply from Devin’s men, SteelFart’s forces sent him some security footage.

“Mr. Hayes, we’ve located Ms. Sabrina. Her last sighting was in Yorksland. We did a nationwide search and noticed a brawl that occurred at the train station. The braw! involved a woman and five doctors. She crushed the doctors and a train attendant in the span of a few minutes!” the member of SteelFort explained as he sent the video.

When Sebastian played the video, the woman on the screen caught his attention immediately. In the footage, she was seen kicking several men with her slipper-clad feet.

Both Sebastian and Tony stared at the footage with muted shock.

Both men were at a loss for words. Finally, Sebastian snapped out of his daze. “Contact our men there at once! I want her exact location!” Sebastian was so livid that the veins across his forehead felt like they were going to burst.

“Yes, Mr. Jadeson!” Tony wasted no time and scurried off to carry out Sebastian’s orders.

Not long later, Sasha rushed over after she caught wind of the news. “Sab went ta Yorksland? Why did she go there all alone? Is she trying to go to Zarain?”

“So?” Sebastian retorted coldly.

“She’s still trying to get to Zarain even after Devin’s death. Aren’t you worried? It’s clear that she’s not in a good headspace.
What if something happens when we aren’t there?” Since Sasha was a doctor, she picked up on Sabrina’s odd demeanor right away.

Yet, Sebastian remained as calm as ever. His poised gaze swept toward Sasha.

Is it just my imagination? Or does Sebastian seem more relieved now that he knows where Sabrina’s destination is?

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