Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1106

“Don’t worry. I’ve made the appropriate arrangements. There will be someone from the Jadesons waiting there.” “Oh? Is that so?” Sasha looked at him, puzzled by his words.

After the driver brought Sabrina to the black market, she entered a black car. But, before she could exit Yorksland, a white Mercedes Benz made its way from the highway’s entrance and pulled up in front of Sabrina’s vehicle.

“Who are you?”

A tall man stepped out of the Mercedes Benz. “Open the door and let the woman go. Do it, and I’ll pretend this never happened,” he uttered in a deep and husky timbre.

Although the dim evening light made it difficult to discern the man’s features, his voice made it evident that he was a young man.
Caught red-handed, the driver had no choice but to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, the young man caught sight of a pajama-clad woman in the back seat. With her arms cradled around her stomach, she was curled up so tightly that she resembled a ball.

Her odd position caused the man to jolt in shock. “Are you Sabrina? Your brother instructed me to come here,” he called out after a brief moment of pause.

Immediately, Sabrina lifted her head. Even when illuminated by the faint light, Sabrina’s face looked deathly pale. It was as if all color had drained from her cheeks.

“My brother? Who are you talking about?” she asked.

“Yariel,” the man replied with a purse of his lips.

Yariel? Isn’t Yariel Sebastian?

Sabrina’s tensed body relaxed before she curled in on herself again. “Why did he get you to come here? Go away, don’t stop me.”

Not only had Sabrina just given birth seven days ago, but she’d also received a piece of devastating news that had a detrimental impact on her mental health. Clearly, she had not recovered from both.

The sight of her curled-up body caused the man to frown.
Without another word, he bent down and carried her out of the car like she weighed nothing.

“What are you doing? Let me go!” Sabrina was caught off-guard by the man’s actions. As soon as he scooped her into his embrace, her eyes flew open as she began to thrash wildly in his arms.

Yet, his fingers clamped around her body, preventing her from moving around. Try as she might, Sabrina could not break free from his iron-like grip. By the time she was carried into the Mercedes Benz, all of the fight had drained out of her body.

“Let go of me! Who on earth are you? Who gave you the permission to touch me? Open the door this instant!” Sabrina cried out hysterically.

“Me?” The man locked the door behind him and watched as Sabrina pounded her fists against the glass.

Finally, he lifted his head and angled his face into the light to reveal a handsome face. “My name is Edmund Cooper. Strictly speaking, I didn’t come here because of Yariel. I am much more familiar with your husband, Devin.”

The moment she heard Devin’s name, Sabrina halted her frenzied screaming.
Devin? It was as if she’d snapped out of her daze. Her bloodshot eyes snapped toward the man. “You know him?”

Edmund nodded. “Yes. In truth, the Coopers and Jadesons have always worked together in the Jadeborough White House.
While your husband is more focused on the military, we tend to focus on civil matters instead. Do you get it?” Edmund explained patiently.

The Coopers?

The name did not ring a bell in Sabrina’s head because she’d never heard Devin mention it before.
Yet, the mention of Devin’s name seemed to calm her down as she regained her senses and stopped trying to escape.
Pleased that she’d stopped struggling, Edmund drove back to the city center of Yorksland and sent her to the hospital.

As soon as she noticed that she was being sent to the hospital, Sabrina raised her guard. “Why are you bringing me to the hospital? I’m not sick! You think I’m mental, don’t you? I’m not!” she shrieked.

Without warning, Sabrina began to struggle violently as she tried to flee.

This time, Edmund made no move to touch her. Instead, he kept his distance. When he opened the car door, his dark gaze swept over her body. “Don’t worry. I noticed that you didn’t look too good, so it’d be best if you get a check-up. After all, how are you going to meet your husband in Zarain if you fall sick?”

A look of astonishment flitted across Sabrina’s eyes before she fell silent again.
Ten minutes later, Sabrina completed her medical check-up.

“Sir, did the patient just give birth? It looks like her uterus is on the verge of prolapse. How did it get like this? Didn’t she rest after delivering her baby?” The doctor identified the reason for Sabrina’s pain immediately.

On the bed, Sabrina remained silent.

However, Edmund’s calm demeanor shifted into one of surprise. “Doctor, is she all right?” A look of worry painted his handsome face.

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