Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1107

On the other hand, the doctor looked astounded by the sudden shift in Edmund’s mood.

“No worries, it is fortunate that you brought her here on time. She will be fine after some medication and a good rest in the hospital tonight,” the doctor said to reassure Edmund. At the same time, he began to record Sabrina’s name into the hospital registry.

Hence, Sabrina was forced to stay the night in the hospital.

After a woman gave birth, a lack of rest would cause her to suffer a uterine prolapse. If the woman did not receive appropriate medical treatment, it would become fatal.

After Oceanic Estate received news of Sabrina’s condition, its residents were worried and anxious.

The moment Sasha caught wind of the news, she took the lift down and ran toward Jonathan’s room to ask Sebastian.
“Sebastian, who on earth is Edmund? Do you know him? How did he manage to locate Sab? Most importantly, can we trust him?”

It was a strange sight to see Jonathan and Sebastian in the same room.
After Jonathan became paralyzed, they could barely stand each other’s presence.
Yet, Sebastian now took one or two hours out of his day to drop by Jonathan’s room.

Occasionally, he would bring his notebook and mind his own business. Sometimes, he would bring a chessboard along with him.
Though Jonathan could no longer move, Sebastian would move the chess pieces according to his instructions.

When Sasha burst into the room, both men were engrossed in their game of chess.

They froze when they heard Sasha’s words.

“Edmund? Is she talking about senator Benedict’s illegitimate child?” Jonathan was the first to break the silence.

“Yeah. Coincidentally, Edmund was in Yorksland. I heard that he’s a good man of good character. Besides, he used to know Devin. Hence, I decided to contact him and asked his help to stop Sabrina,” Sebastian replied as he moved his chess piece.

Jonathan, who was immobile on the bed, widened his eyes in astonishment.
Where did he get this information from? After all, he’d never disclosed such information to Sebastian before.

Sasha was equally shocked. “Can he be trusted? Since his father is a senator, doesn’t that mean he’s part of the Congress?” she murmured softly, her voice trailed off at the end of her sentence.

Whilst the Senate formed part of the Congress. The Oceanic Estate was trying to sever any connections they still had with the White House.

The more they distanced themselves, the more advantageous it’d be.

“It’s fine,” Sebastian replied nonchalantly, “He’s not coming to Jadeborough anyway. Besides, he doesn’t have a strong relationship with the Coopers. He’s only helping Sabrina for the sake of Devin.”

Finally, Sasha felt relieved after Sebastian’s explanation.

After all, that’s true. Why would an illegitimate child come all the way to Jadeborough? Since Sabrina was safe, Sasha decided against mentioning the Coopers again.

Promptly, she spun on her heel and went back upstairs.

Unbeknownst to her, the two men in the bedroom continued their game of chess as they struck up a conversation again.
“Isn’t Edmund Benedict’s only son?”

“Yes,” Sebastian replied curtly.

Jonathan scoffed; he was clearly displeased with Sebastian’s lies. “Then why did you say that he never visits Jadeborough? Did you know that I’ve seen him countless times? Edmund always drops Benedict at the White House.”

Sebastian remained silent, and his gaze swept coldly at Jonathan.

Toward the end of their game, Sebastian’s black pawn claimed the last of Jonathan’s white pieces. Immediately, Sebastian cleared the chessboard and rose to his feet. “Why don’t you tell Sasha about it? Tell her that Edmund always frequents Jadeborough.”

“Y-You!” Jonathan was so angry that he could not muster a proper response.

True to Jonathan’s words, Edmund was an important member of the Coopers.

When Benedict got married to his wife, they had three daughters together. However, Benedict found himself in an affair with a woman from Yorksland during a business trip. There, Edmund was born.

As a senator, having an affair and an illegitimate son would become scandalous news if leaked.

When Gabrielle found out about Edmund, she decided to take him in as her own son. By claiming Edmund as her own child, it would solidify her position in the Cooper family because she did not have any sons of her own.

To deceive the public, she even brought Edmund to Jadeborough and claimed that she had given birth to him in Yorksland.
Hence, Edmund was known as the heir of the Coopers. In truth, he was Benedict’s illegitimate son.
It was a well-kept secret only known to a selected few from Jadeborough.

On the second day, Edmund brought breakfast to the hospital. There, he noticed that Sabrina had remained in her ward instead of escaping.

“Good morning, Mr. Coaper,” the doctor greeted him politely.

Edmund nodded in acknowledgment. However, his gaze darted toward Sabrina. “How is she? Has her condition improved?” he asked.

“Yes, it looks like her condition has improved greatly. However, she shouldn’t be moving around so much as this prablem might resurface again if she doesn’t take care of her body. Since she had just given birth, it would take her a month to recover. Mr. Cooper…” Toward the end of his sentence, the doctor halted.

Hesitantly, he looked at Edmund.

Finally, Edmund’s cool gaze slid toward the doctor. There was nothing in his dark eyes that betrayed any emotion.

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