Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1108

“She’s just a friend of mine.” ‘I see.” A look of realization dawned upon the doctor.

Since Edmund was the sole son of the famous Coopers, he was a well-known figure in Yorksland. Furthermore, his single status and attractive looks often made him the talk of the town. Many women sought after the attention of this young bachelor.

With so many women flocking around him, I’m sure he did not fall for a woman who had just recently given birth, right? After their conversation, the doctor departed.
Edmund pushed the door open and stepped into Sabrina’s ward. “Good morning, Mrs. Jadeson,” he greeted politely.

After an entire night cooped up in the hospital, Sabrina was impatient and ready to leave. “Finally, you are here? When are we going to leave? I’m fine now.”

She clambered out of the bed as she spoke.

Quietly, Edmund sized her up.

Sabrina was still dressed in a hospital gown and slippers.

Although she was desperate to get to Zarain, Sabrina hadn’t bothered to change her attire into something more appropriate.

Without another word, Edmund set the packed breakfast down.

“Earlier, the doctor infarmed me that you are in no condition to travel.” Her eyes widened in shock. “What?”

“What’s wrong with my body? I’m not sick at all! Why can’t I travel? You are lying to me, aren’t you? You’re just trying to stop me from looking for my husband!” Sabrina seethed as a frown drew her brows together.

Without warning, she bolted toward the exit.
Immediately, Edmund moved to block her path.

“I’m not trying to stop you. I was merely repeating what the doctor said. If you don’t rest after giving birth, it will have an impact on your body in the future.”

“I will be fine!” Sabrina retorted in anger.

Edmund grabbed Sabrina by the shoulders as he gritted his teeth. “Stop being so stubborn! Do you know that you might lose your life if you keep this up? Are you willing to sacrifice yourself just to meet your husband? Have you thought about your daughter? Who’s going to take care of her once you are gone?”

Although Edmund was a man with a stoic demeanor, the sight of Sabrina struggling to break free caused him to lose his composure. Unable to keep his emotions in check anymore, Edmund raised his voice.

Upon his loud yell, Sabrina went slack.

Daughter? Right, I can’t believe I forgot about Jaena. I can’t abandon my precious daughter.

Finally, Sabrina calmed down from her frenzy.

Due to her weariness, the fact that Edmund was aware of her child’s gender flew over her head. After all, she’d never brought this topic up before. Yet, Edmund seemed to know it like the back of his hand.

In the end, Sabrina relented and agreed to rest for a few more days as Edmund decided to bring her home.

Hearing this, Sabrina kicked up a fuss again. “Why am I being discharged from the hospital? Don’t I have to receive treatment? Why did you bring me home?”

Edmund, who was driving the car, met her angry gaze through the rear-view mirror. In the backseat, Sabrina’s lips were curled into a petulant pout as she glared at him with her hackles raised. “I am merely following the doctor’s orders. Besides, they don’t have enough beds in the hospital,” Edmund explained patiently.

“Then why bring me to your house? I can stay in a hotel!” “I don’t have the time to book you a room. My housemaids can look after you too.” His reply seemed to satisfy Sabrina as she fell silent.

After all, Edmund’s logical reasoning made more sense. Though the Jadesons had implored him to look after her, Edmund couldn’t be by her side the entire day. Hence, it would be better if his housemaids looked after her.
After a few moments, Edmund pulled up at his villa.

The luxurious villa was modeled after an Erihalian style and located behind the city’s famous lake. Its elaborate design and strategic location caught the eye of any passerby.

This extravagant villa was a sign of the Coopers’ wealth.

“Mr. Cooper, who might this lady be?” The gardener rushed out to welcome Edmund as soon as Edmund’s car pulled up in the driveway.

The sight of a woman in a hospital gown by Edmund’s side caused him to jolt in shock.

Though he’d bore witness to countless women Edmund brought hame, it was the first time the gardener saw one dressed in a hospital gown.

Has Mr. Cooper changed his taste in women?

“What are you thinking of? This woman here is Mrs. Jadeson, she got into a little accident here, and I brought her here for a rest,” Edmund uttered in a low voice when he noticed the way the gardener looked at Sabrina.

A cold and displeased look swept across his handsome features.

“Please forgive me, Mr. Cooper.” The gardener bowed apologetically and beckoned toward Sabrina. “Mrs. Jadeson, please follow me.”

On the other hand, Sabrina didn’t have the slightest interest in her surroundings.

When she learned that she could travel to Zarain and look for Devin after she regained her strength, Sabrina obeyed every instruction without a single complaint.

After she stepped into the villa, the butler led her upstairs and showed Sabrina her room. Wordlessly, Sabrina lay on the bed with an empty look in her eyes.

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