Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1109

The butler was startled by Sabrina’s eerie silence and robotic movements.
Is she all right? After closing the door behind him, he quickly fished his phone out and sent Benedict a message.

Butler: Mr. Cooper, I have good news! It looks like Mr. Edmund has finally stepped up. Today, he brought back someone from the Jadesons here.

The butler received a swift reply. Benedict: The Jadesons? Who is it? Butler: He said that she’s Ms. Sabrina. Though, she looks a little out of it.
Benedict stared at the message he’d received.

Though Benedict was a man who held considerable influence over the Senate, a smile tugged his lips upward when he recalled how the Oceanic Estate mobilized all of its forces to look for a single woman. He had a hunch that Sabrina was this very woman.

Benedict: I’m pleasantly surprised by Edmund’s actions. Make sure you take good care of this woman. We need to do our best to help the Jadesons. Things aren’t how they used to be anymore.

Benedict’s last sentence displayed his concern toward the Jadesons.

Even through the phone, the butler could sense Benedict’s conflicting emotions of pity and glee.
Although the fall of the Jadesons was something Benedict was dying to witness, he still needed to maintain his appearance and public image.

After the reelection of a new leader, the biggest thorn in Benedict’s side would be removed. All that was left to do was to reorganize the leadership team.

Right now, it was crucial for Benedict to flaunt his kindness and generosity.
In high spirits, the butler made his way downstairs.

He noticed that Edmund had changed into a sleek white suit. Since Edmund didn’t have any official work in Yorksland, the young man would frequent the nightclubs and casinos he owned.

“Mr. Cooper, are you heading out? Don’t worry, Ms. Sabrina is resting in her room.”

“Okay. Make sure you give her something nutritious to eat. She needs it because she just gave birth.” With that, Edmund grabbed his car keys and left the villa.

Back at the Oceanic Estate, Sasha had coaxed Jaena to a slumber. The sight of Jaena’s adorable sleeping face prompted Sasha to pick up her phone.

Sasha: Sab, where are you? Jaena misses you.
After she sent the message, Sasha forwarded a picture of Jaena too.

Coincidentally, Sebastian strolled out of the shower. When Sebastian noticed Sasha’s deep frown, he made his way toward the edge of the bed with one of his hands still toweling his damp hair.

“What’s the matter? Is the baby feeling uncomfortable?”

Sasha shook her head. “No, I was just sending Sab a message. Although she left her phone here, I couldn’t resist. It’s clear that Jaena misses her.”

She lifted her head to meet his gaze. After all, Sasha was a mother herself. The thought of Jaena and Sabrina caused her eyes to turn red with sorrow.

Sabrina’s teary eyes tugged at Sebastian’s heartstrings. He couldn’t bear to see his beloved wife shed tears.

Sebastian knew that Sasha’s words held another meaning to them. She was also referring to their own children, who were all the way in Avenport.

“Don’t cry. I’ll send Mr. Cooper a message and get Sabrina to call you.” Sebastian set aside his towel as he took a seat next to her. Gently, he rubbed her tears away.

His tender actions caused Sasha’s longing for her children to deepen.

“What about our children? Do you have any plans?” “Huh?”

Sasha looked up at him from beneath her lashes. There were still tears clinging to her long lashes. “D-Do you have any plans about them?” she asked softly.

“According to the situation right now, we wouldn’t be able to visit Avenport. However, since Solomon and the Hayeses are back, I plan to bring them here. Will that be all right?”

“Yes!” Sasha nodded eagerly as her eyes lit up.

She’s such a fool. When Sebastian caught sight of Sasha’s brilliant smile, he patted her head affectionately before going back to blow dry his hair.

“Sebastian, are you going to the White House tomorrow?” Sasha asked nervously.

To the Jadesons, the White House was a place that housed countless troubles and bad memories. Sasha didn’t like bringing it up as it would ruin the mood.

To her dismay, Sebastian merely nodded. “The Jadesons aren’t dead yet. Someone has to make an appearance. Relax, nothing is going to happen. Given my current status, no one will even spare a glance in my direction.”

Sebastian glanced at his reflection. Despite his striking eyes, as dark as ink, and his thin lips, there was a look of mockery painted across his features.

Sasha fell silent. Despite Sebastian’s reassurance, she remained unconvinced. Contrarily, she was even more reluctant to let him go.

All these years, Sebastian had been on top of the hierarchy. He was a man who took pride in his success. When was he reduced to such a lowly status?

Sasha’s brows drew together as a deep frown graced her forehead.

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