Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1110

Sabrina didn’t sleep well that night. She dreamt of chasing a man as she held her child in her arms. She chased the man desperately from behind as she kept calling out to him, begging for him to stop.

However, the man ignored her as he continued walking ahead until a gunshot was heard.

The man was shot in the back!


She shouted as she sprang out of her bed, sweating profusely.

“Did you have a nightmare?”

The room was dimly lit by an orange nightstand as a male voice was heard from the left side of the room.
The mysterious man did not ask any further as he waited patiently for her reply.

Sabrina, who had woken up from a nightmare was surprisingly comforted by the man’s words. He was like a ray of light that shone through the dark and quiet night.

Sabrina swallowed and turned to him after some time.

“What’re you doing here?”


Edmund sat on a couch and he glanced at her before placing the magazine aside.

“Your brother contacted and wanted me to pass on a message. He wants you to call him because he wants you to spend some time with your child.”

My child?

Sabrina, who was still in fright, squinted at him when she heard his words.

Of course! It’s been days since I last saw my dear Jaena. I was so occupied in the search of Devin, I totally neglected her.
“Could you hand me your smartphone?” Sabrina stretched out her hand shakingly.

Edmund stood up and handed his smartphone to her.

At last, Sabrina, who had fled Jadeborough for three entire days finally made a call back home.

“Hello?” The line quickly got through as the voice of a familiar woman filled with worry and anxiety answered.

“Is that you, Sab? How are things in Yorksland? Everything’s fine at home, so don’t worry, alright? Do return to Jadeborough as soon as you’re ready.”

Sabrina caused so much trouble to the Hayes family when she disappeared out of a sudden. For example, she left her child behind, unattended, and fled from Jadeborough. Yet, Sasha did not blame her nor sounded upset with her. Instead, her voice was full of concern.

Sabrina paused and clutched tightly to her blanket before she replied, “I’ve been searching for him and I’ll return once I’ve found him.”

Sasha was speechless.
Find him? Did she mean Devin?

It was late at night as Sasha sat up in her bed. She thought she was hearing things as her face gradually turned pale.

“Sab, Devin is…”

“I will find him! Could you show me my dear Jaena, right now? I want to see how she is doing. Please, hurry!” Sabrina interrupted her and urged her to snap a picture of her daughter.

Sasha did not say a word. Nonetheless, she sent her a picture of Jaena moments later. Then, Sabrina’s eyes were glued to the screen as she stared at the picture for ages.

Oh Jaena, you look very much like your father.

Edmund stood right beside when the phone call happened. Thus, his eyes also darted to the screen when Sasha sent the picture to Sabrina.

Even Edmund couldn’t take his eyes off the picture.

“She’s all grown up, isn’t she? Look, Jaena’s grown bigger, right?” Sabrina stared at the picture as a wave of emotion flooded her. She quickly covered her mouth to mask her cries while tears streamed down her face.

It was a feeling none could understand.

It was a feeling that proud mothers of newborn babies wouldn’t understand. It was a bittersweet feeling for me as I was overjoyed with the arrival of a newborn baby while enduring the pain of losing a loved one at the same time.

Sabrina then cried herself to sleep.

Edmund, who was still standing by her bedside, gently removed the smartphone from her hand when he noticed she was fast asleep.


He laoked back at the picture on the screen.

She was an adorable-locking baby. Although she was only ten days old, she had beautiful features. Her face was small and her features delicate.

He stretched out his hand and gently stroked her little face on the screen.

The next day, Sabrina woke up late after a night of crying.

She heard a loud commotion downstairs as soon as she woke up.

“What’s going on? Where’s Edmund?” She frowned and asked about Edmund’s whereabouts.
She remembered that he promised to take her to Zarain.

However, a housemaid appeared and answered, “Mr. Edmund isn’t downstairs. But, Ms. Willberry and Ms. Holland are here for Mr. Edmund and they’re quarreling over him.

Sabrina was dumbstruck.

Urgh, I can’t believe he’s the kind of guy!

Sabrina decided to ignore the commotion downstairs as she got off her bed and went straight to the landline in her room.
“Ms. Sabrina, you…” the housemaid uttered.

“Tell me Mr, Edmund’s phone number right now! I’m going to ask that scum to take me to Zarain,” Sabrina said in annoyance.

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