Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1111

Scum…? The housemaid’s expression fell.

Before she could speak, the quarrel that seemed to be coming from the garden had shifted into the villa. Furthermore, one could also vaguely hear the sound of high heels clicking on the stairs.

“Did you just say that Edmund likes you? If that’s true, why did he bring a woman in a hospital gown home yesterday?”

“Pfft, whatever! What does that have to do with me? He definitely likes me! In fact, he gifted me a ten-karat diamond ring last month. What about you?”

“Alright then! I’ll show you if he has a woman in his villa right now!” another woman said in defense.

Soon enough, the housemaid appeared in the hallway and met face to face with two gorgeous women. The duo ascended from the stairs as they continued to yell at one another.

God, why is this happening?

The housemaid was horrified as she blocked their paths. “Ms. Willberry and Ms. Holland, how did you get up here? Please return to the lower ground, Mr. Edmund isn’t here.

“Mrs. Goodwill, tell me, did Edmund come home with a woman in a hospital gown last night?” “Huh?” The housemaid panicked even more.
“No, it’s not like that. Please allow me to explain…”

“See! I told you! I was right all along! I wonder what makes you think that Edmund likes you, Jules? It’s obvious he’s more into the woman hidden away upstairs than you!”

Ms. Willberry claimed as she observed Mrs. Goodwill’s expression.

She instantly knew that Sabrina was upstairs and took the opportunity to make a sarcastic remark towards Jules.

Ms. Holland was a hot-headed lady, thus her expression hardened as soon as she heard those words.

She was furious as she pushed past Mrs. Goodwill, who tried to stand in her way, and headed towards Sabrina’s room.
Then, she kicked the door open.

Sabrina, who held the landline in her arms, turned to face her slowly.

Jules gaped at her beauty as soon as she saw Sabrina and thought to herself. Well, I haven’t seen anyone pull off the Gothic look for decades now.

Although Sabrina was dressed in her pajamas and her hair was in a mess, the duo was no match to her clear complexion and beautiful features.

“M-Ms. Sabrina, they…” The housemaid stuttered as she tried to explain, but was quickly cut off by Sabrina.
“Could you please come over?” Sabrina asked calmly.

The duo was stunned by her request.

Why does she want us to go over to her?

The duo looked at one another in confusion. However, they did as they were told. They walked over to her obediently like they were bewitched.

Just as they had taken the last step and were standing face to face with her, a loud sound was heard.

Bang Bang-

Sabrina lifted her leg and kicked the duo. The duo was sent flying like a rag doll as they screamed in horror and pain.

The housemaid widened her eyes in surprise as she witnessed the scene!

Sabrina then rubbed her slipper on the ground as if she stepped on dirt after she taught the intruders a lesson.

“Tell Mr. Edmund that I do not wish to encounter such incidents ever again! Or else I won’t be this nice the next time!” she said sternly.

Sabrina was extremely displeased with the intruders although she was responsible for the duo’s unfortunate mishaps.

The housemaid panicked as she quickly ushered the duo away from the scene. However, she had to call in the help of other servants to carry the duo who had trouble getting up down the stairs.

“Oh my god, Mrs. Goodwill! Ms. Sabrina did not go easy on them, huh? I mean, look at them! What if they come back for revenge? What are we supposed to do if that happens?”

“You’re overthinking things! I doubt that would happen!”

“Why not? They’re powerful families in our area. Even Mr. Edmund wouldn’t dare neglect them.” Mrs. Goodwill pondered on the housemaid’s words before she nodded in agreement.

Later, Edmund heard all about it and found Sabrina waiting for him downstairs when he reached home. Sabrina ignored Mrs. Goodwill’s reminder to stay in bed as she stood by the porch, waiting for Edmund’s return.

It wasn’t anything romantic like a movie scene. Yet, Edmund thought otherwise. Sabrina wore a flowy sleeping gown as she leaned against the carved door. He watched Sabrina look out eagerly like a wife waiting for her husband to return.

Edmund couldn’t help but stop and stare.

Moments later, he walked up and stood before her. “Ms. Sabrina? Why’re you standing here? Shouldn’t you be inside?” “Oh, Edmund! You’re finally back!”

Sabrina’s eyes lit up when she saw Edmund.

“So when are yau taking me to Zarain? I feel so much better now and am ready to leave.”

Edmund went silent.

He merely stared at her condescendingly before asking, “Did the doctor pay you a visit?”

“What doctor?” Sabrina was confused.

“You can only leave once the doctor conducts a full-body checkup on you to ensure that you are in good shape,” Edmund continued.

Sabrina stared at him as her face paled but didn’t say another word.

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