Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1112

Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover chapter 1112 With that, Sabrina was taken inside once more.

Edmund descended from the stairs and questioned the butler. “Didn’t I ask you to look after her? How could you allow her to run about again? She’s been out of bed way too long this time!”

The butler bowed his head and shuddered.
Edmund had never spoken to them in such a strict tone.

Cold sweat began to form around the butler’s forehead. “I beg your pardon, Mr. Edmund, Ms. Sabrina is not one to be trifled with.
We tried everything to stop her but failed miserably. Besides, didn’t I tell you the story about how she taught Ms. Holland and Ms.
Willberry a lesson? The ladies had to be sent back to their respective homes in a carrier!”

Edmund did not press on, but the corners of his eyes twitched as he pondered for a brief moment.

Sabrina decided to take a nap when she was taken inside. However, she was surprised to find two men in black guarding by the exit of her room when she had woken up.

“What’re they doing here?”

“Ms. Sabrina, this is Mr. Sebastian’s idea and Mr. Edmund only went with it. He also added that he’ll fly over here from Jadeborough and take you home himself if you don’t behave,” the butler answered truthfully.

My brother? Sebastian?

Sabrina was furious when she heard the news.

Yet, she didn’t dare to rebel against him. Even though she was a fearless woman, she couldn’t resist anything his brother says.

Thus, she was forced to stay in her room.

On the other hand, Edmund ran his casino and nightclub business as usual. However, some unexpected guests decided to crash the party. Apparently, the head of the Holland family, as well as the Willberry family, had come to confront him.

“Mr. Edmund, you’ve crossed the line this time! How dare you mess with our daughter’s feelings and injure her? Did you think you could get away with this?”

The head of both families started a heated conversation in Edmund’s nightclub.

Edmund had a cigarette between his lips and sat on a sofa with his legs propped up on the coffee table. Several men also sat beside him.

“Mr. Holland, I think you were misinformed. I didn’t mess with your daughter. She decided to be with me, I didn’t force her inte doing anything against her will. Hence, I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

“You-” Mr. Holland was boiling with anger at Edmund’s statement.
Mr. Willberry saw his chance and stepped forward to argue.

“Even if that’s true, how could you beat them up like that? The doctor claimed that his daughter is incapable of having a baby all because of you! What are you going to say this time?”

“Edmund, don’t even think about getting away with this just because you’re father is in Jadeborough.”

Mr. Willberry had the guts to even mention the Coopers who were residing in Jadeborough.
Edmund’s eyes went cold as soon as he heard of his family.

“So what’re you going to do about it? Put me in jail? Perhaps I should leak some clips of your daughters seducing me too? I would be more than willing to do so.”

Bam! Edmund slammed a bottle of wine on the coffee table as he sprang up from his seat with a murderous look on his face.
Now that was Mr. Edmund from Yorksland!

Although he was an illegitimate son of the Coopers and did not have a prominent job, he could do things as he pleased because of his family background. He was a walking devil in Yorksland. He did every evil deed one could name and no one would dare retaliate!

Besides, the two women offered themselves up to him willingly!

Mr. Holland and Mr. Willberry were enraged as their faces went red.

“Edmund, I assume you don’t believe in karma? Well, let me teil you, this is a crucial period for your father. Aren’t you worried you might cause trouble for him?”

“Hehe…” Edmund chuckled with his arms wide open.

“You two, come over here.”

“Yes, Mr. Edmund.”

Moments later, two charming women appeared and rushed to his side.

“Cause trouble? I’ve been like this all my life! Did you think it bothered him at all?”


The men were lost for words at Edmund’s comeback.

But, the truth is, he was given the power to do whatever he pleased. No matter what he does, the Caopers in Jadeborough wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

The men had no choice but to give up in the end.

Edmund’s buddies relaxed and sat down as soon as the troublemakers left. Edmund also hurriedly pushed the women away.

“Why did you push me away, Edmund…” “I know right…” another woman added.

“Urgh, get lost! You’re not even my type!” Edmund answered expressionlessly.

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