Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1113

Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover chapter 1113

“Come on, Edmund. I think these chicks aren’t that bad. Although they’re not the best-looking ones out there, at least they are a natural beauty. Say, I think you’ve had quite a lot to drink today. Isn’t it time to put out that raging fire inside of you?” his buddies teased.

One could easily tell what sort of lifestyle they were living judging from his words.

Yet, Edmund threw his head back as he downed the remaining wine in big gulps and declined his offer.
“No way! They’ve ruined my mood for the night!”

Then, he staggered to his feet and left.

Half an hour later, Edmund’s car arrived at his villa, located at the heart of a lake. He staggered out of his car as he threw a handful of money to the driver and took wobbly steps towards the villa.

“You’re finally back, Mr. Edmund! Mr. Cooper’s been trying to contact you,” a butler said anxiously.
The butler frowned when he noticed Edmund in his drunken state.

Edmund stopped in his tracks and glared at him.

“What does he want from me? Didn’t I tell him not to contact me anymore?”

“No, it’s not like that, Mr. Edmund. Mr. Cooper is in the midst of an election. So, it’s best if you could be on your best behavior. It may affect Mr. Cooper’s election in Jadeborough if today’s matter got out.”

Edmund froze in his spot. He didn’t expect the butler to know what had happened in the nightclub.

Edmund glared at the butler furiously with his bloodshot eyes.

“M-Mr. Edmund…” The butler’s voice trailed off as he shivered in fear.

Before the butler could say anything else, Edmund threw a kick at him.

That old butler flew across the garden like a sandbag and crashed against the pots and vases on the ground with a loud noise.

It was no surprise to see Edmund throwing punches and kicks at his servants.
However, he had never taken it that far.
The housemaids came rushing to the scene as soon as they heard the commotion.

Even Sabrina, who had gone to bed, got up and turned on the lights. She opened her windows and looked out of the window, revealing her long and messy hair.

“Mr. Edmund, you…”

“Edmund, is that you? You’re finally back! Are you in the middle of a fight? If you are done with it, come up here now. I need to talk to you.”

At that moment, the garden went dead silent.

Edmund looked up and tried to make out the face of the mysterious voice in the dimly lit garden. He noticed it was Sabrina and was stunned for a long time.

Sabrina was feeling impatient as she watched him staring at her from below. “Are you coming or not? Or else I’m jumping off the window right now!” she threatened.

Edmund did not say a word as he lowered his head and stumbled into the villa.
He was breathless a few minutes later as he struggled to climb the stairs.

He arrived at her doorstep and reached out his hand to open the door. Yet, Sabrina beat him to it as she opened the door first.
She stood there in the same sleeping gown she had worn earlier with an angry expression.

“Where have you been all day?” “Err…I was busy with work.”

“Work? Do you always stay out late for work? Do you know I’ve been trapped in my room for the entire day? Why are you following my brother’s orders so loyally? Are you trying to gang up with him on me? Are you thinking of sending me back too?”

Sabrina was seething in anger as she bombarded him with questions.
Her beautiful eyes also went red as she spoke.
Edmund was stunned at her reaction.

Oh my, I didn’t think my way of having her stay home to rest had caused so much wrath in her.
He was instantly sober when he realized his mistake.

“No, of course not. I didn’t gang up on you with your brother. I only wanted you to take good rest and recover healthily,” he responded in a deep and hoarse voice.

He stared at her with gentle eyes as the bright light from her bedroom illuminated her silhouette. It made her look like an angel who descended from heaven.

“Really?” Sabrina asked in doubt.

“I promise. If you don’t believe me, I’ll make them leave by tomorrow. However, you have to promise me to take good rest.
Don’t forget, you’re still in confinement. We can’t travel to Zarain if you’re not fully recovered yet,” Edmund explained patiently.

Sabrina scrunched her nose as she glared at him one last time before shutting the door with a loud bang.
Edmund and the bodyguards were speechless.

Edmund stood there for a long time before he turned and went down the stairs with wobbly steps. Then, the housemaids began to whisper among themselves.

“That’s odd, Mr. Edmund never came home reeking in alcohol before.”

“I agree. It’d always be the sweet smell of another woman’s perfume. Instead, he’s reeked of alcohol today. I wonder how much he drank?”

All of the housemaids were talking among themselves the entire night.
Yet, no one knew the answer to it.

All they knew was, Edmund did not get out of bed until late noon.

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