Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1115

Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover chapter 1115

Just when Sasha prepared to enter, another person alighted from the car unexpectedly.
“Wendy? I didn’t expect you to be here.”

“Mr. Hayes sent me to help care for the children, Madam. I hope I won’t be in your way, will 1?”

After looking at Sasha whom she had not seen in two months, Wendy shifted her attention to the castle behind Sasha that was ten times bigger than Frontier Bay.

At that moment, she couldn’t help but feel awkward.
How could you be in the way? I couldn’t have wished for anything more.
Sasha quickly helped Wendy with her bags before leading her inside.

With the three children arriving at Oceanic Estate, the building recovered its previous liveliness. Throughout the entire day, everyone was delighted by how noisy it was.

Sasha was naturally one of them.
In the afternoon, she went upstairs to give Sebastian a call when she didn’t see him return.

Unknown to her, Vivian had come out of Jaena’s room. With a milk bottle in hand, she skipped along while searching for Ms.
Dolivo to prepare some milk for her.

Such was the nature of girls.

Regardless of their age, they would express their innate motherly tendencies by naturally gravitating toward taking care of someone.

Vivian walked out of the elevator.
“Vivi, where are you going?” “Ms. Olivia, I need to prepare more milk for Jaena.”

Vivian handed the empty milk bottle to the maid.

Given that Olivia had taken care of Vivian before, her heart melted when she saw how sensible Vivian had become.
Dropping whatever she was doing, she prepared the milk at once.

A few minutes later Jaena’s milk was ready.
“Alright now, do you want me to go up with you?”

“You don’t have to. Mommy’s upstairs,” Vivian replied in her squeaky voice. After that, she went back up with the milk bottle in her hands.

However, she didn’t expect to find Jaena gone when she returned to the room.
Where’s Jaena?

Widening her shimmering eyes, she was briefly confused.

Oh right, Mommy must have taken her.

Recalling that Sasha had gone to make a call, Vivian went off in search of her mommy.

Finally, when she reached her parents’ bedroom on the third floor, she didn’t see Sasha. Instead, she saw a diaper on the ground.

Vivian was speechless, Without any hesitation, she picked up the diaper and walked forward.

“Waa… Waa…”

After following the trail of the diaper, Vivian arrived in a wing that she had never been before. Just as expected, she heard Jaena’s familiar cries.

That was how Oceanic Estate was designed.

Given that it was initially meant to entertain foreign guests, many of its wings were linked. It enabled the guests to move easily between the wings for different activities.

Therefore, it was normal for Vivian to continue her search from one wing to another.

When Vivian arrived in the new wing with the milk bottle in hand, she saw one of the Oceanic Estate’s maids carrying Jaena in her arms. The maid was standing in front of a door that was tightly shut.

“Why did you bring Jaena here? She’s hungry and needs her milk. You should take her back quickly.” Staring quizzically at the maid, Vivian was upset by the maid’s actions.
However, the maid panicked at the sight of Vivian.

“Ms. Vivian, I don’t want to do this. However, if I don’t, my mistress won’t be able to leave. Therefore, Ms. Vivian, can you help me, please?”

“What?” Vivian didn’t understand.

Suddenly, the windows of the room behind the maid flung open.



Jolted by the sudden sound and the baby’s cry, eight-year-old Vivian gasped in horror and recoiled a few steps back.
“You… You…”

“Vivi, don’t be afraid. Do you still remember me? I’m Janice, remember?”

It was a face that Vivian had not seen in a long time. When it suddenly appeared from behind the sealed bars of the windows, Vivian was terrified by it.

Her face turned pale at once.
However, when she glanced at Jaena who was still in the maid’s arms, she stopped retreating.

“I remember. Why… why are you locked in here? Did you ask the maid to bring Jaena here? Tell her to bring Jaena back at once. M-Mommy will be here in a while.”

Vivian was so frightened that she could barely complete her sentence.

Nevertheless, she steeled herself. She wanted the terrifying lady locked behind the window to return Jaena.
However, Janice rejected her request heartlessly.

“No, bring me the key to the door, or you will never see Jaena again.”

Vivian was speechless.

“Furthermore, you cannot tell your mommy or anyone else in Oceanic Estate. If you do, I will end Jaena’s life.” The moment she finished her threat, she gave the maid a look.

The maid squeezed Jaena, causing her to cry even louder.

In response, Vivian’s eyes turned red immediately.

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