Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1116

In the end, Vivian went off to find the key.

Before she did, she put the milk bottle on the floor and insisted the maid feed Jaena with it.
“Jaena is hungry. You have to f-feed her first before I get the key for you,” Vivian pleaded in tears.
Trembling in fear, she insisted that Jaena was fed before she was willing to leave.

Despite her frustration, Janice had no choice but to get the maid to pass her the milk bottle.

Only then did Vivian set off.

However, when Vivian returned, Janice hadn’t expected her to come back with her two brothers.

“I… [didn’t manage to find the key. Hence, I got my brothers to help me. But don’t you worry, neither of us has told mom or anyone else.”

Panting when she arrived, Vivian’s face was covered in sweat.

She quickly explained herself to Janice before she could even catch her breath. Considering how sincere and helpless she looked, she didn’t seem like she was lying at all.

Janice was initially enraged when Vivian returned with someone else.
However, she quickly quelled her anger at the sight of the children.

This little girl isn’t bright at all. When I watched her in Oceanic Estate, she did behave foolishly most of the time. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that she couldn’t find the key. Furthermore, she brought two other children that are of the same age. Since they’re not adults, what am I even afraid of?

Janice finally calmed herself down. “Fine. Just give me the key.”

Vivian asked, “What about Jaena?”

“Once you give me the key, I’ll return her to you,” Janice urged from behind the sealed bars of the window.

“That’s not going to work. How do we know that you will keep your end of the bargain?”

Before Vivian could reply, a figure who was half a head taller than her stepped forward. Squinting his eyes, he put the question to Janice.

When Vivian realized it was Matteo, she quickly hid behind his back.

Janice was stunned. Alter regaining her senses, she scowled in response. “Why wouldn’t I return Jaena to you? Don’t worry. Just give me the key, and I will get her to give you the baby.”

Matteo’s crafty eyes narrowed again. “That’s not acceptable. After all, we are just children. Daddy and Mommy told us that there are some who just love to trick children.”

Janice was stumped.

For the next ten seconds, she tried her best to suppress the rage in her.

“Penelope, give them the child.” Finally, she ordered the maid to hand Jaena over as part of their negotiations.
Obviously, the other reason why she did it was that she didn’t see the kids as a threat at all.

They’re only eight. What can they do?

As Janice watched her sister carry Jaena over, Matteo calmly approached her with the keys.
“Give me the child!”

“Fine. You give me the keys too.”

Raising his head, Matteo handed the key over while Penelope put the child in his hands.

In a split second…

“Argh!” Penelope screamed in agony.

While waiting for Penelope, Janice saw her sister cringe in pain after being kicked by Matteo. At the same time, Matteo retracted his hand that was holding the key.

After that, he leaped into the air and slammed his knee onto Penelope’s nose.


“lan, catch Jaena!”

The moment Penelope cried out in pain again, another figure dashed to the front. Just when Matteo flung Jaena over, he opened his arms to catch her snugly.

“We got her! We got her! I’m going to get Mommy!”

After clapping her hands in jubilation, Vivian darted off to call for help.

Within a few short minutes, the children had coordinated the perfect rescue.

Meanwhile, Janice was infuriated.

Realizing that someone would be coming soon and the key she had painstakingly planned on obtaining was about to be taken away by a kid, her eyes flashed viciously.

Taking out a black hairpin, she shot it out at the crucial moment.


Just when Matteo was about to withdraw, he felt a sting on his wrist before blood began to gush out from it.

When lan, who was carrying Jaena, saw what happened, his face turned pale at once.

As for Matteo, he spaced out for a few seconds.

It wasn’t until he saw his fingers losing their grip on the key and dropping it that an intense pain suddenly struck him.
Soon, his body began to swoon.

“Matt, are you alright? Help, someone help!” lan was seized by panic. Ignoring the key, he rushed to Matteo’s side to help support him while carrying Jaena in his arms.

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