Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1117

Meanwhile, Janice too was stunned.

When she saw the blood gushing out of Matteo’s wrist. Her first instinct was to order her sister to save him first.
However, her mind was suddenly filled with the image of her son.

Closing her eyes mercilessly, she cried out, “Penelope, get me the key, quick!”

Penelope scrambled up at once, retrieved the key, and handed it over.

A minute later, the door finally swung open. At the same time, Sasha and Mark had arrived. However, both of them were utterly shocked by the sight that greeted them.


Sasha dashed to hold her son as if she had lost her mind.

With his eyes burning with rage, Mark gestured to the back. “All of you, dispose of that woman!”

This was the first time Mark, as a soldier, had given such an order on a woman.

The next moment, the Oceanic Estate bodyguards surged ahead to attack Janice.

None of them knew how strong she was as she was captured by surprise when Sebastian had ordered it earlier.
While treating her son’s injury, Sasha glanced at the ensuing battle that was raging intensely.

What she saw sent a chill down her spine. The woman who had pretended to be weak and demure for half a year had managed to fend off all her attackers. None of them were able to get close to her.

Given how agile and viciously she fought, the bodyguards, who were personally trained by Jonathan, were unable to overpower her.


A loud fracture was heard.

The next moment, Sasha saw one of the bodyguards holding his broken arm before collapsing onto the ground.

The rest of his comrades were outraged by the sight.

Roaring in anger, all of them pulled out their guns and prepared to fire at Janice. Their actions had also received tacit approval from Mark.

However, something even more terrifying occurred at that moment.

Janice was obviously searched before being locked up. However, when the bodyguards aimed their guns at her, they saw her spread open her palms.


Multiple sharp objects were shot out of her hands.

After being caught by surprise, the group of bodyguards was taken out at that very moment.
Who is this woman? Why is she so tough? She’s really terrifying!

Sasha was dumbfounded by what she saw.

As for Mark, his expression drastically changed. Just when he was about to take action, Janice had dashed in their direction.
While everyone was momentarily stunned, she swiftly grabbed lan from Sasha’s side.

“Little lan!”

With her eyes widening in horror, Sasha shrieked uncontrollably as she lunged to save her son.
However, it was already too late.

Janice had pressed a sharp black object to lan’s tiny neck.

That bitch! That animal!

Seized by hysteria, Sasha trembled all over. With her son’s blood still on her hands, she had thrown herself in front of Janice while being overwhelmed by fear.

“Janice, what is it that you want? Tell me and I’ll agree to it as long as you let my son go. You have already hurt one of them, so don’t hurt another one,” Sasha roared with all her might.

However, Janice was unfazed by it all. In fact, she even pushed her sharp black weapon deeper into lan’s neck as she took a step forward.

At that moment, Sasha shuddered as she watched her son grimace in pain while blood was oozing out of his neck.


“Little lan!”

Despite the tears in her eyes, Sasha didn’t dare move a muscle.

Meanwhile, Mark was also dumbfounded.

He had underestimated the enemy. Janice was so skillful that none of the Oceanic Estate bodyguards could take her down.
Seething in anger, Mark prepared to deploy the men in the shadows.

This is Oceanic Estate. Does she really think she can act with such impunity here? We are just getting started here. The climax will come soon enough. Even if she has ridiculous skills, there’s no way she can escape from this place.

“Snipers, stand by!” “Yes!” In a blink of an eye, more than ten hidden snipers had trained their guns at Janice from every direction.

Unaware of what was going on, Sasha looked at lan as she pleaded in tears, “Janice, do… do you really want to do this? During your time at Oceanic Estate, I had never mistreated you. Moreover, you are a mother too. Can you really bring yourself to do this to such a young child?”

Janice opened her mouth to speak.

The next moment, everyone who was about to attack her heard her say, “Sasha, calm down. I don’t plan to hurt your son.
What happened to Matt was an accident as I had lost control of my emotions.”

At that moment, everyone stopped moving.

As for Mark, his finger had momentarily paused in the air.

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