Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1118

Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover chapter 1118

“I just want to leave. If you allow me to escape, I will return your son to you,” Janice proposed.
Sasha fell silent.

After what seemed like an eternity, her gaze shifted from Janice to lan instead.

What is she saying? She didn’t hurt Matteo on purpose? Is she lying?

Sasha couldn’t tell.

However, when she quickly scrutinized the surroundings, she noticed that the bodyguards on the ground only suffered from broken bones. None of them suffered from vital injuries.

The sudden realization caused her panicking heart to finally calm down.
“In that case, let him go now.”

“No, how do I know you will keep your word after I release him? Sasha, I know the reason you locked me up is to find out who the mastermind behind me is. However, I’m really just a nobody in all this. I have already told you everything I know.”

Janice rejected Sasha’s proposal. In fact, she even reiterated emotionally that she didn’t have any more information.
Sasha clenched her fists in response.

She knew nothing about what happened as she was in Avenport then. Furthermore, when Sebastian didn’t tell her anything about it, she knew better than to ask.

After all, he had his reasons for not telling her.

Subsequently, she turned to look at Mark.
Cognizant of her intentions, Mark finally put his finger down and stepped forward.

“However, you haven’t told us how you ended up being a pawn of The Coffee Shop? Moreover, we discovered your presence only after we captured you in secret. So how did the bistro’s men manage to escape first?”

“Because they already knew I was compromised.”

“What do you mean?”

Mark narrowed his eyes.

Much to everyone’s surprise, a self-deprecating smile flashed across Janice’s face as her gaze fell on Sasha.

“Because the one who was supposed to die back then wasn’t Jocelyn, but you, Sasha. It was I who stopped him. That was the first time I disobeyed his orders. Due to that, he even shot me in my collarbone.”

Suddenly, everyone fell silent at the revelation.

As for Sasha, she looked up in disbelief with her eyes still filled with tears.
Because of me?


“No particular reason. I just felt that b*tch deserved to go to hell more than you. After all, she was a lot more evil.” Janice smirked.

Given the dire circumstances, it no longer mattered to her.

However, everyone, especially Sasha, was shocked by her words again. At that moment, she didn’t even know what to feel.
It had never crossed her mind that Janice would save her.

“In that case, does it mean that he has abandoned you?”

“Of course. Or else, why didn’t anyone come and rescue me after so long? As for you, I’m sure you have realized that no one has taken your bait. Isn’t that right?” Janice replied sarcastically.

A grim look fell upon Mark’s face.

That’s true!

Sasha’s fingers gradually curled into a fist.

“An assassin isn’t supposed to be so emotionally attached. Hence, I believe that is my weakness.” Silence ensued.

“Don’t you believe me?” When Janice noticed that everyone was staring blankly at her, she suddenly burst into hearty laughter.

“Let me be honest with you. I became his pawn because he is holding my son hostage. As for all of you here in Oceanic Estate, you foolishly put me in charge of interna) affairs despite knowing about my ill intentions. Not only is he cruel to his own child, he even wants to groom my son too. Tell me, isn’t he pushing me to the brink?”

By the time she finished, Janice had laughed so hard that she was already tearing.

Sasha finally fell silent while the surroundings became dead quiet.

It wasn’t until Jonathan was wheeled onto the scene in his wheelchair that the silence was broken.

“I have gotten Sebastian to tell you repeatedly that I will help you find your son,” Jonathan asserted the moment he arrived.
Janice finally stopped smiling.

As tears rolled down her cheeks, she turned her head to avert her gaze.

“There’s no need. I can do it myself as long as you release me.”

Standing amidst the light, she closed her eyes with conviction and offered, “Furthermore, aren’t you looking to catch the big fish? Don’t you worry, I have done a lot of work for them over the years. Hence, I know very well who they deal with and where they operate. Once I’m out, I will ferret all of them out for you!”

Jonathan eyes lit up in response.
As for Mark, he was equally delighted.
Only Sasha continued to stare blankly at Janice.

If that’s the case, wouldn’t she be walking into the lion’s den? Given that she has been expased and was locked up in Oceanic Estate for a long time, why would they trust her when she returns? What does she plan to do in order to get Oceanic Estate all those information?

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