Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1119

For the first time in her life, Sasha felt as if her heart was squeezed so hard by the immense pressure she felt, to the extent that she could barely breathe.

“Go. Go to your mom.”

She was filled with mixed emotions as Janice had already released her son.

Subsequently, lan ran toward Sasha, where she embraced him with her outstretched arms.
“Little lan, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, Mommy.”

Being the sensible child that he was, lan had already calmed down by then.

After letting lan go and the fact that she didn’t cause any real damage, Janice threw the weapon in her hand aside. It was nothing but a sharpened hair pin.

As for the objects that she shot at the bodyguards, they were just crushed pieces of her own button.
Mark asked, “Old Mr. Jadeson?”

“Let her go. I trust her as her father is an upright man.”

Waving his hand, Jonathan gestured for his men to step aside.

After that, he mentioned someone to Janice.

Janice was jolted by his comment just when she was about to leave. Turning around decisively, she stared at Jonathan.

“H-How did you know my father?”

“When I saw you flinging your button, you reminded me of him. Back then, when I walked into an ambush, he grabbed a bunch of leaves and saved me the same way.”

Jonathan told her about it candidly.
Just as he smoke, Janice, who had behaved indifferently thraughout, was suddenly shaken.
Tears began to well up in her eyes.

“The Durant family of Xenhall has long been known far their righteousness and loyalty to the nation. The men would learn to be warriors while the women would train to be doctors. However, I don’t know how you ended up being an assassin with a scalpel. What I do know is that your dad would definitely not want to see you this way, am I right?”

The entire scene fell silent, under than for Janice’s uncontrollable sobs.

An assassin with a scalpel!

Those words felt like a knife in her heart. Even in death, she knew she would always be filled with shame.
However, she was left without a choice.

After all, she wanted to clear the Durant family’s name. Also, she wanted to find out who was so powerful as to bend the influential White family to their will.

With that, Janice disappeared from Oceanic Estate in a blink of an eye.

Two hours later, calmness descended upon the residence again.

As for Matteo, he finally awoke under Sasha’s care. Although he still looked pale, he was well enough to play with his siblings.
Finally relieved by the sight, Sasha went downstairs to see Jonathan.

“Grandpa, are you alright? Why did you get yourself wheeled upstairs? What if-”

Sasha didn’t finish her sentence.

Nevertheless, her concerns were obvious. It would be bad if someone had seen him.

Jonathan’s heart melted when he saw the worried look on Sasha’s face. After stretching his hands that were numb from lying down, he let out a joyful smile.

“It’s alright. All those men are my subordinates. There’s no need to be concerned.” Looking at how nonchalant Jonathan was, Sasha couldn’t help but shake her head.
Taking out her needles, Sasha rolled up the bottom of Jonathan’s pants and began the acupuncture treatment for his legs.

“By the way, with regards to Janice, do you really know her dad? Did you know it was him from the beginning or did you only remember after she attacked with the buttons?”

“I had my suspicions early on but I wasn’t sure. But after what happened just now, I managed to confirm that she was Sean Durant’s daughter.”


Intrigued, Sasha raised her gaze at Jonathan.

She was truly interested in learning more about Janice’s background.

After all, Janice’s words had struck a nerve with her.

“Hmm, Sean was the head of the Durant family of Xenhall. They were pretty famous where they lived. When I was fighting battles there and met an ambush, he was the one who rescued me.”

“He’s that good?”

“Mmm-hmm. The Durant family are famous in Xenhall for their combat prowess, while the White family are famous for their political acumen. As long as both families watch over Xenhall, the town would continue to do well for a long time.”

Until that day, Jonathan was still filled with awe when he explained the situation to Sasha.
However, Sasha’s eyes lit up the moment she caught an important detail.

The White family? Which White family?

Her heart began to race. “Grandpa, when you mention the White family, do you mean…”

Jadeborough replied, “Yes, Alfred’s family. However, after Alfred rose through the ranks and came to Jadeborough, the Durant family slowly faded away in Xenhall. After that, when I heard that they disappeared completely, I felt that it was a shame.”

Jonathan sighed at the mention of the incident while Sasha remained silent.

However, all she could feel was her heartbeat accelerating. Staring at Jonathan, she blurted out an outlandish idea.

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