Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1120

Is Janice Alfred’s rumored ex-flame? According to the whispers, Alfred has an illegitimate son. Can he be the son she is looking for?

Even though she was shocked by her own deduction, she didn’t vocalize the questions she had. Instead, she felt it more appropriate to discuss it with Sebastian when he returned.

Once Jonathan’s treatment was done, Sasha went to care for the children.
Meanwhile, Sebastian, who was at the White House, had just officially stepped into Congress.

Thinking back, he remembered it wasn’t his first time there. However, the purpose of his last trip was to create trouble. Not only did he cause a ruckus, he even demonstrated his lunacy in front of everyone.

Nevertheless, Sebastian entered with a nonchalant attitude.
“Yary, wait for me. Let’s go in together.”

Just as he walked, Sebastian heard someone calling him from behind. When he heard the name “Yary,” he could feel his stomach churn.

That person was Benedict. From the moment Sebastian arrived at the White House, he behaved in an extraordinarily friendly manner.

Benedict felt a sense of self-satisfaction when he saw the Jadesons’ last heir waiting for him. Hence, he asked with concern, “How was it? Did you manage to get to know your colleagues in the House better during the cocktail party? I hope they didn’t make things difficult for you?”

The House was a body that was part of Congress.
Unlike the Senate which was made up of administrative leaders, the House consisted of military leaders instead.

Sebastian plainly replied, “We didn’t speak much.”

“Huh? How can they do that?” Benedict was outraged the moment he heard Sebastian’s answer.

“That’s really unbecoming of them. Although it was your first time there, your grandpa and cousin were prominent figures in the House. How could they have been so unwelcoming to you?”

“It’s alright. It’s probably because I’m still new,” Sebastian replied in nonchalance.

During the party earlier, he did feel the obvious contempt the others had shown him. Even though he was a Jadeson, they blatantly disrespected him and treated him as if he was invisible.

In contrast to them, Benedict now seemed overly friendly instead.

Isn’t that ihe case?

Sebastian let out a smirk as he entered. After locating his seat, he sat down and crossed his legs.
When the other representatives saw him, they began gossiping about him again.

“Just look at him. Isn’t he used to being autocratic? Why is he sitting that way and putting on such airs?” “Who knows. Didn’t they say he was the boss of a multinational company?”

“So what if he was? Doesn’t he know what this place is? This is the White House and the Congress. If it wasn’t because he was a Jadeson, he would never have been able to step into this place.”

“Shush! Stop it. Did you forget how he ran amok here? Don’t get on his nerves again.”

With just a few vicious and insidious words, the representatives showed their disdain for Sebastian. In fact, their behavior was no different from the lowly hoodlums in the street.

Sebastian didn’t hear their words as he was sitting some distance away.
However, Benedict, who was sitting behind him, did.

He shot a glance at those men. Despite welcoming Sebastian warmly just a moment ago, he watched with interest without showing any expression at all.

A few minutes later, everyone, including the new president, had arrived.

“Ladies and gentlemen, today is my first time presiding over this House session since the election and I would like to thank all of you for coming early. And now, let us begin.”

Silas Zander didn’t show any stage fright at all. Instead, he calmly sat down and greeted everyone with a smile.

With that, he casually kicked off the House meeting.

Meanwhile, Sebastian narrowed his eyes.

From which hole did Silas crawl out from?


At that moment, Benedict’s voice rang out from behind.
Sebastian’s gaze darkened at once.

“Do you want to sit with me? I suppose you don’t know how to vate yet. So, I’ll show you how to do it,” Benedict called out softly as he invited Sebastian over.

With his current position in the White House, he had the authority to request a change of seat.

However, Sebastian ignored him instead.

Just when Sebastian was about to put in the three votes in his hands, someone approached all of a sudden.
“Yariel, since this is your first time attending a House meeting, do you have any trouble settling in?”

Raising his gaze, Sebastian looked quizzically at Silas who had just appeared in front of him.

Is he here to show his concern? What a wonderful gesture this is!

Sebastian recovered his gaze plainly. “No.”

“That’s good. If there’s anything you need to know, you can speak to my secretary general. As for the votes in the House, there’s no need for you to cast them. That position has always belonged to the Jadesons. After this, I’ll discuss the matter with Old Mr. Jadeson so that he can send you to the military barracks. There, you can take over your cousin’s position which automatically makes you eligible for Congress.”

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