Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1121

Much to Sebastian’s surprise, the new president openly said those words to him in front of everyone else.
The entire hall fell silent.
Benedict, who was seated behind Sebastian, watched on with a stunned expression.

What in the world? Isn’t this ridiculous? Aside from the fact that there is no such precedent within the White House, Yariel doesn’t have any military experience at all. So how can he have a position in the House? Isn’t this pushing it too far?

Many among those present were both shocked and furious, primarily because they too coveted the position.

“Sir, have you truly given this decision due consideration? Given that Old Mr. Jadeson’s grandson has never been in the army before, how is he fit to assume that position? After all, this relates to the nation’s military matters!”

Those who were anxious began to protest even before Sebastian said a word.
Once doubt was cast upon Sebastian, many others in the hall supported the stance.
In summary, most of them felt that Sebastian wasn’t qualified for the role.
Throughout the exchange, Sebastian remained silent.

All he did was stare intently at the president. Losing his calm, an icy glint flashed in his eye.

Did he just put a target on my back in public? Interesting!

“Calm down, everyone. I’m aware that Yariel doesn’t have any military experience. However, he is an extremely smart man.
Before he joined the government, he was Astoria’s most prominent businessman. All of you shouldn’t underestimate him.
After all, it’s just military affairs. I’m sure he can get the hang of it in no time.”

Silas stood by his decision.

However, those words caused further anxiety among everyone present. Just when they were prepared to remonstrate further, a frosty voice pierced through the chaos in the chamber.

“Fine. There’s no need to vote then.”

The next moment, everyone watched as the young man they had just ridiculed, raised his hand and threw the votes he was holding away.

It drove everyone mad.

Two hours later, the elections finally ended. Benedict was elected to the Senate, while the Cabinet Council accepted a new member.

As for the House, Sebastian was chosen for it.
When all of them were leaving, Benedict caught up with Sebastian.

“Yary, you really are a gutsy one. How dare you take up the position? You have never touched a gun nor fight on the battlefield before. How can you…”

Just as he walked, Benedict pointed at Sebastian with a worried and frustrated expression.

Sebastian swept his gaze at him. “What are you worried about? Isn’t my grandpa supporting me still?” “You…”

Benedict almost burst a vessel.

Obviously, he didn’t want the position to be taken by Sebastian as he too had his own preferred candidate.
Despite his exasperation, Benedict had little choice other than to accept it.

“No matter what, you just have to be more careful. Let me remind you, the representatives of the House have always been difficult even when your cousin was in the White House. Now that you have been given the hot seat, you have to stay vigilant against their ruthless schemes.”

Maintaining his silence, Sebastian wasn’t bothered to entertain Benedict. When he saw Mark already waiting in the car, he quickly got in.

Watching from behind, Benedict gritted his teeth and yelled, “Fine. Call me if you need anything. By the way, I’m heading to Yorksland in two days’ time. Do you want me te bring your sister back?”

Sebastian paused just as he opened the car door.

“Are you going to Yorksland, Mr. Cooper? What for?”

“That’s right. That mischievous son of mine has caused trouble again. This time, he has hurt someone’s daughter. Hence, I have no choice but to go over and make sure that nothing comes out of it at such a crucial time,” Benedict explained candidly.

Subsequently, Sebastian shifted his gaze toward Mark.
However, Mark averted his gaze from the undeniably conflicted expression.
Sebastian clenched his teeth…

“There’s no need to. Ever since Devin’s death, her emotions have become volatile. I’m worried that bringing her back would only make things worse. I’m sorry that she has imposed herself on your son fer such a long time. In two days’ time, I’ll send someone to set her up with a place to stay for a while,” Sebastian finally answered his question.

Benedict waved his hand. “It’s fine. Just let her stay there. After all, my house there is huge. Having one extra person staying there doesn’t make a difference.”

Ever since the election ended, Benedict was even more attentive toward the Jadesons.
Without saying a word, Sebastian entered the car and left.

After more than ten minutes, when the White House could no longer be seen in the rearview mirror, Mark couldn’t resist asking, “Mr. Sebastian, is it true that you have been elected to the House?”

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