Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1122

Sebastian plainly grunted, “Mmm-hmm.” Mark’s eyes widened at the rearview mirror.

“Why did you? Before you left, didn’t Old Mr. Jadeson remind you to stay out of all this? How did you end up stepping back into the center of power? By doing this, Old Mr. Jadeson will…”

“Silas was the one who forced me into it.” “Silas?” Mark gaped.

How is that possible? Isn’t he the newly elected president? Why must he pressure the Jadesons when they no longer pose a threat to the White House? By putting a target on Mr. Sebastian’s back, is he trying to destroy the Jadesons?

Within just a few seconds, Mark’s face had lost all color.

However, Sebastian didn’t share Mark’s grim assessment of the situation. After massaging his forehead, he took out his phone.
“There’s no need to panic. It’s all just a game. If it’s too simple, where’s the fun in that?”

Mark’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

What sort of comment is that? Given how dire the situation is, how can he say that it’s just a game?

Suddenly, Mark could feel his old chest injury acting up again.

Meanwhile, inside a villa in Yorksland…

Sabrina noticed that there was something strange about Edmund.

For example, he had always loved to go out gallivanting. But over the last two days, he stayed at home holed up in his bedroom.

Also, when she happened to come downstairs, she saw him sitting in the living room reading some maps.
Is he planning to take me to Zarain?

Sabrina’s eyes fit up at the thought.

“Edmund, what are you doing?”


Just when he was making notes on the map, Edmund panicked and almost dropped his pencil on the table.

“N-Nothing at all. Why did you come down? Weren’t you sleeping?” Springing up to his feet from the sofa, Edmund swiftly folded up the map.

Sabrina furrowed her eyebrows.

“Not really, I’ve slept enough. Anyway, what map is that? Is it one of Zarain? When are you going to take me to see my husband? It’s already been one week.”

Sabrina began ta show her frustration.
In fact, she was further infuriated when he kept up the map instead of giving it to her.
So that’s what it is.

Edmund chuckled. “No, this is a map of a holiday villa that I planned to invest in, not one of Zarain. I just want to see if there’s anything interesting nearby.”


Sabrina was enraged.

However, the butler hurried in anxiously, “Mr. Edmund, bad news! Mr. Cooper is heading over from Jadeborough.” “What?”

Within a few seconds, the garden was plunged into utter chaos.

Sabrina stood there and watched with an indifferent expression.

Soon, a middle-aged man’s voice thundered, causing Edmund’s face to drastically change. When he ordered the maids to drag Sabrina upstairs, she forcefully shoved their hands away.

“You call yourself a man?”

Edmund gave her a baffled look.

But this time, she surprisingly complied. After giving him an earful, she went back up herself.
Heaving a sigh of relief, Edmund headed out of the house.


The moment he opened the villa’s main door, he saw a foot flying in his direction.
His pupils constricted at the sight.

As if by reflex, he opened his palms to intercept it. As long as he managed to catch the leg, he would be able to fracture or cripple it.

However, the very instant he launched his attack, something flashed across his mind.

The next moment, the kick landed on his bady. Grunting in agany, he collapsed onto the ground and rolled for some distance.


Coincidentally, the butler passed by and saw what happened. He exclaimed, “Mr. Edmund, Mr. Edmund, are you alright? Mr. Cooper, haw can you be so cruel to your son? What if he gets hurt?”

“What if? The only thing on my mind right now is to beat him to death!”

The moment Benedict entered, he unleashed a tirade.

Everyone in the villa who came to see the ruckus didn’t dare make a sound.
As for the butler, he helped Edmund back up without protesting further.

Instead, it was Edmund who picked himself up and waited for the agonizing pain to pass before staring daggers at his father.

“In that case, go on and beat me to death this instant!” “You…” Benedict was so furious that even his veins were throbbing all over.

Fortunately, just when Benedict found a stick to give Edmund a beating, the butler selflessly threw himself between the father and son.

“Mr. Cooper, don’t blame Mr. Edmund for what happened. It’s Mrs. Jadeson’s fault instead. Mr. Edmund wasn’t even home when the two women came by. When Mrs. Jadeson found them to be annoying, she kicked them down from upstairs.
Therefore, this matter has nothing to do with Mr. Edmund at all.”

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