Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1123

To protect Edmund, the butler had shifted all the blame to Sabrina.

However, Edmund’s expression turned gloomy at once.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Get lost!”

“Mr. Edmund…”

In the end, Benedict didn’t carry out his threat.

However, when he entered the living room and saw the tightly shut door upstairs, his expression changed drastically.
“I won’t hold you accountable for what happened. However, you have to get her to leave.”

“What did you say?”

Still holding onto his painful stomach, Edmund looked up the moment he heard those words. “Leave? But her body hasn’t recovered. She cannot go!”

“You don’t have to worry about that. Before I came here, her brother told me that he will find her a place to stay in a day or two.
Once I give him a call, he will send someone to pick her up. Hence, there’s nothing for you to worry about.”

Just as he spoke, Benedict picked up the phone from the side table.

The moment he started dialing, Edmund quickly approached and slapped the phone away from his hand, causing it to crash onto the ground.

“What gives you the right to decide for me? Have you forgotten your place?” “What did you say?” Although it looked as if tempers were about to flare, that was how the father and son interacted with each other most of the


The reason was that Edmund was an illegitimate child. Ever since he was young, we would grow up amidst the mockery and contempt shown by others. Although Benedict would visit him once in a while, Edmund simply saw it as charity instead.

Therefore, he was filled with hatred for Benedict.
When the butler saw that the situation was going to escalate again, he quickly intervened to diffuse it.

“Mr. Cooper, is there a need to argue with Mr. Edmund over something as trivial as this? I’m sure you’re aware that he loves to go against you for the sake of it. By ordering him to send the woman away, he would definitely not comply even if he was willing to do so.”

After hearing those words, a sudden realization dawned upon Benedict.
“Do you mean…”

“Just sent her away when he isn’t around. By the time he returns, he likely won’t complain,” the butler suggested confidently.

In truth, that was how Edmund always behaved. Every time he had quarreled with his dad, the butler would discreetly resolve whatever problem it was. By the time he found out, he would turn a blind eye to it.

After calming down, Benedict agreed to the plan.
In truth, he wasn’t being unreasonable.
He had indeed wanted to ally himself with the Jadesons. After all, he felt they would be of use in the future.

However, Sabrina was just too volatile to have around. At the rate things were going, he was worried she would bring catastrophe upon his son. Therefore, it was prudent for him to send her away as early as he could.

In the evening…
Sabrina had obediently stayed in her room that day.

After hearing the commotion downstairs and the sound of Edmund being beaten, she decided to wait patiently in the room despite the urge to sneak out earlier.

She wanted to wait for him to return so that she could bid him goodbye.
However, Edmund didn’t see her that night. Instead, it was the butler who came by.

“Mrs. Jadeson, aren’t you looking to travel to Zarain and find your husband? We have a car heading there right now. Do you want to go with it?”

Standing in the bedroom, Sabrina gave the butler an expressionless look.

After recuperating recently and having taken her medication, her mind wasn’t as groggy as it was before. When she encountered any problems, she would crack her brain over it.

Is he sending me to Zarain in the middle of the night?

After pondering for half a minute, she turned around decisively and grabbed her things. Subsequently, she followed the butler out of the villa where she had stayed for almost ten days.

It was deep in the night where the freezing cold breeze was blowing everywhere.

The sky was so dark that she couldn’t even see her fingers.

Sitting in the moving sedan, Sabrina maintained her silence. It wasn’t until the car got on the highway that it suddenly changed directions and drove in the opposite way.

“Turn around!” Sabrina barked as she held an eyebrow razor against the driver’s neck.

Terrified by the threat, the driver slammed on the brakes, causing the car to screech to a halt. The next moment, the car door opened, and he was kicked out of it just like a dag.

Subsequently, the car sped off toward Zarain.
It wasn’t until the next morning that Edmund discovered what happened.

He was at the nightclub the night before and didn’t return home due to his busy schedule. Furthermore, now that his hated father was there, he didn’t want to see him at all.

The moment he returned and heard what transpired, he stood stunned for a few seconds.
“Who did you say took her away?”

“Mr. Cooper brought her back to Jadeborough. He had wanted to inform you but you didn’t come home last night. Hence, he brought her with him right away,” the butler explained eloquently.

The moment he finished, he saw Edmund’s eyes turn bloodshot in rage. The next second, he was sent flying by a thunderous kick.

Thump! It was a kick that left him no chance of survival.

Upon crashing onto the ground, the butler had stopped moving.

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