Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1124

Sabrina didn’t sleep for the entire night as she sped toward Zarain in the dark. Other than stopping to refuel at a gas station, she barely rested at all.

By the time dawn broke, she had arrived at the border.
“Prepare the documents, we are about to cross the border soon.” “All right.”

Slowing down her car, Sabrina caught a glimpse of the long line at the border checkpoint. Inside the pickup truck that was closest to her, she overheard the conversation between the couple inside.

Given that they were at the border waiting to cross into another country, they naturally needed their documents.

After driving the entire night, Sabrina furrowed her eyebrows. As her bloodshot eyes stared toward the front, she was forced to stop her car by the side.

How am I going to cross the border without my documents?

After rummaging through the car, she didn’t find any sort of ID at all. The next moment, she raised her gaze and stared at the pickup.

“I found them, here they are. Look Hubby, our documents are all here.” “Good. Hang on to them, we’ll-”

The male driver stopped mid-sentence when he saw a young lady suddenly appear beside their truck.

Holding onte the car window they were winding down, she glared intently at their documents.

“Do you have a way to smuggle me through? If you succeed, you can have the five hundred thousand in this card.” Sabrina took out a gold card and waved it in front of the couple.

Both of them were stunned.

Five hundred thousand for taking her along? Did we hear wrongly?

However, this lady doesn’t look rich at all. Her face looks pale while her hair is disheveled. The only thing positive about her is that she is dressed neatly. Even then, her clothes consist of casual everyday brands. Hence, is there really five hundred thousand in the card?

The couple was skeptical.

Sensing their hesitation, Sabrina began to lose her patience. “If you don’t believe me, you can turn me in to the authorities even after smuggling me over. Isn’t that right?”

The couple fell silent.
In the end, they couldn’t resist the sudden temptation of money. Hence, they told Sabrina to get in.

Ten minutes later, the pickup truck drove up to the border checkpoint with Sabrina in the back. She was pretending to be a sick lady heading to Zarain for treatment.

“Sir, we are taking our sister for medical treatment in Zarain. She has cancer and has managed to secure an organ donor over there. Look, this is her medical record, and these are our papers.”

At the checkpoint, the couple handed the guard their documents and a set of medical records while explaining.
Much to Sabrina’s surprise, what they told the guard was true. Furthermore, they even had a spare ID on hand.
However, they weren’t really sending Sabrina for treatment still. Their real purpose was to bring someone from Zarain back.

Hence, when the border guard came over to check, he flipped open the canvas cover at the back of the pickup and saw a sickly woman all curled up just as the couple described.

“Fine. Go on then.” The guard didn’t suspect anything at all.

After all, Sabrina was extremely skilled in makeup. Back at Avenport, she was known for her outlandish makeup and even had people comparing her to the devil.

With that, the pickup quickly drove through the checkpoint.

The next time they stopped, they had arrived at the first city in Zarain which was hundreds of kilometers away from the border.
“Alright now. You can let me off here. Here’s the card. You can withdraw the money from the bank in front which is linked with our domestic banks. I’ll be here waiting for you.”

After jumping out from the back, Sabrina flung the card to the couple. Just as promised, she waited there for them.
When the couple saw that she dared to make such a promise, they naturally believed her.

“Miss, don’t misunderstand, it’s not that we don’t trust you. Anyway, since you do not have an ID, you might still get into trouble here. Where are you going actually? You can tell us if you trust us. Perhaps, we can be of assistance.”

Standing beside the pickup, Sabrina folded her arms and stared at the couple. After a long while, she finally replied, “I’m heading to Bellridge.”

“What?” The couple were shocked.

Bellridge? Isn’t that the most dangerous place in Zarain? Even though it is located at the border and has a thriving commercial sector, it used to be an area torn by war some time ago. In fact, the situation had barely changed. Just a while ago, there was even news that a domestic military commander lost his life there while attacking bandits.

The couple was worried. “Do you really want to go there? It’s not really peaceful there. In fact, it is dangerous for you to go alone.”

“I’ll be fine.” Sabrina had lost all patience. After giving them a frosty reply, she simply walked away.

Being a kind-hearted couple, they quickly caught up with her. “In that case, we’ll give you the pickup. Without any documents, it’s hard for you to secure a vehicle.”

The husband handed over the keys.

After glancing at them, she took them and got back into the truck.

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