Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1125

Having half a million would make it easy to purchase a pickup. Moreover, once she had the car, many things would become even more convenient for her.

Thus, Sabrina drove the pickup to her destination.

Bellridge was indeed a dangerous place. It was not only because that place was a battlefield in the past, but because many criminals were lurking around the borders. In fact, Bellridge was a paradise for criminals.

By the time Edmund flew the helicopter into the city, Sabrina was already in Bellridge.

It was a piece of land spanning a few hundred thousand square kilometers. When he leaned to the side and looked down from the helicopter, he could see the endless mountains and the towering buildings in the metropolitan area. It was a devastating sight for him.

“Mr. Edmund, don’t worry. He has arranged for men to look for Mrs. Jadeson, and these men are all locals. I’m sure they’ll soon find her,” said a Cooper who had come with him. The man gulped when he saw Edmund’s expression.

However, right as those words left his mouth, Edmund snapped his head to the side and hissed, “You’d better start praying that she’s fine. Otherwise, I’m going to end all of your lives!”

Edmund’s eyes were bloodshot, and his voice was like a demon crawled out of hell, sending chills down others’ spines.
The man watched Edmund leave in a daze.

It took him a long while before he could recompose himself and forced his trembling legs to make the climb down before hurrying after Edmund.

He had never seen Edmund act in this way before.

He could not believe that the man who had personally sent the butler into the ICU and flew the helicopter to this country was the Edmund Cooper he knew.

When did Edmund become so impressive? the man thought as he anxiously followed Edmund.

However, right as Edmund entered the city, he headed straight to the hospital to try to find out the woman’s whereabouts.
“I’m sorry, Mr. Cooper, I haven’t seen this woman before.”

Unfortunately, there were no traces of that woman in the hospital.

What about the mortuary?

As the other Cooper came up with the possibility, Edmund rushed out of the hospital and to the mortuary.

It was nothing too surprising.

Since that woman did not believe that her husband was dead, she would head to the last known location where he was seen alive. That way, she would be able to find out more details about him.

Once again, Edmund received bad news when he reached the mortuary—no one had seen her there.
Where else could she be? Did she go to the place her husband died?

At that, his face turned drastically white.

Just as he was about to head to the forest, someone ran out of the mortuary, shouting, “Mr. Edmund, you’re here! We’ve found the one you’re looking for! She’s at Diega Casino.”

“What?” Edmund’s face paled further. “A casino?”

Has this woman gone mad?

How could she have gone there? Doesn’t she know what that place is?

Diega Casino was not an authentic casino. It was the infamous black market where criminals frequented and did shady deeds.
How can she go there?

Overwhelmed by fury and shock, Edmund’s vision turned dark for a moment. It took him a while before he could recollect himself, but right after he did, he rushed to the casino.

At Diega Casino.

Indeed, Sabrina was at a table in the casino.

When she first came, no one paid any attention to her, for she had messy hair and was wearing casual clothes. They all had thought she was a beggar, and they tried to chase her out of the place.

However, when she went straight to the table and threw out a black card, they all fell silent.

Sabrina was no different from her usual self.

After throwing the card on the table, she leaned back in the chair and put her legs on another chair. Once she was in a comfortable position, the emotionless words left her mouth. “Five million. Who’s interested in playing with me? The only thing you have to do when I win is to answer a question of mine. If I lose, you’ll get the money.”

Five million? Everyone widened their eyes.

It was no small sum. Although they were in a casino, Bellridge was located in Zarain; Zarain was a country with an underdeveloped economy, so the amount of maney flowing in the market was not as much as in other countries.

Therefore, the rest were unable to tear their eyes away from the black card.
However, after a while of staring, their eyes widened even more.
The card she had thrown out was a limited global black card.

Immediately, the entire casino was engulfed by excitement. They stopped looking at her with disdainful gazes and began rubbing their palms in anticipation.

Sabrina did not stop them.

However, they scon realized that not only was the woman rich, but she also seemed like a brilliant gambler.

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