Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1127

All of a sudden, he said, “Of course, but they might not have the full details of the information you want. Why don’t you show it to me instead? I’ve seen more things than they have. Perhaps I will be able to identify it with just a mere glance.”

Sabrina stared at him for a moment.

It had been a laborious trip to the forest to get this bullet. The moment she reached, she had been scouring through the woods like a madwoman.

It took her a long time to find the bullet.

When she did, she was overjoyed, for she knew that once she had gotten the bullet, she would be able to find the group of people who had fought against her husband.

If I find them, that means I’ll find him.
In the end, Sabrina chose to hand over the bullet to him.

Yet, what she never expected was for the casino owner to pinch the bottom of the bullet as soon as he took it from her. She was sure that he must have pressed something, for the bullet instantly fell apart in his hands right in front of her.

‘This bullet is part of the smuggled ammunition in the black market. Its key feature is that it’s exceptionally lethal, light, and perfect for far-range shooting. Therefore, it’s popular on the black market. However, about a month ago, a high-ranking military officer from your country had died from this bullet while he was looking into this. Once he died, the smuggling operations ceased.
How is it, Ms. Soprano? Are you satisfied with this answer?”

In fact, after the casino owner nonchalantly told her about the origins of the bullet, he threw the bullet casing and its gunpowder onto the ground.

Sabrina nearly went mad.

In that one second, she could only watch as the man scatter the bullet she had salvaged with much difficulty onto the ground.
Anger overpowered her.

“Who gave you the right to take apart the bullet? Who said you could do that? Fine. Since you know where it came from, tell me now where those people are! Tell me where those animals are!” Sabrina no longer had a grip on her rationality.

The truth was that she had retreated into a world of fantasy after hearing the news. If she had been sober, she would not have been delighted to find the bullet, thinking that it would lead her to Devin.

By the time Edmund reached the casino, the place was in chaos.

Everyone was attacking one woman. The tables were flipped; the chips and the cards were everywhere. Right in the middle of the chaos was the woman Edmund was looking for. She was returning the attacks with the vigor of a dying, cornered animal.

“I’ll kill youl” she screamed. Despite the numerous injuries on her, she was still throwing punches as if she was numb to all her senses. Her eyes were bloodshot, and it was a crazed look in them. Right then, she stabbed the knife in her hand in the direction of the casino owner.

At the same time, the casino owner raised the gun in his hand.

“Mr. Drake, it seems like your guess is right. This woman is here to investigate us. I never thought that she would be smart enough to find her way here after that officer died. Say, who is she really?”

“Who cares who is she? She’ll be nothing but a dead person once you kill her!” With a ruthless grin on his face, the casino owner pulled the trigger.

A gunshot rang out.

Everyone fell silent, including Sabrina, who had lost her mind in the fight.

What confused her was that she could not see anything clearly anymore. She could only hear a quiet thump behind her before a blurry figure walked toward her.

“PIL. ..kill you.” When her mind registered that someone was walking toward her, she instinctively raised her knife, its blade blunt after the fight.

However, she was exhausted, for she had been fighting with all her strength until then. Her trembling arm could not raise the knife another time.

So, am I dying now? That’s fine.
If I die, I’ll get to see him.

I won’t need to try so hard to find him anymore.

Somehow, she was coming back to her senses at a time like this.

A figure rushed toward her but slowed down when it was right in front of her. In a soft voice, the figure worriedly said, “Ms.

Sabrina titted her head to the side.
Ms. Sabrina? For a moment, she cauld not think who that person could passibly be.

Only when someone took her knife away, and the world spun—only when she fell into warm arms and before she lost consciousness—then did a name appear in her mind.


Two days later, Karl arrived in Bellridge and took away the few people in charge of the casino before setting the entire Diega Casino on fire.

When Benedict heard about it, he called Edmund in a panic.

“Brat, what have you been doing there? How could you have killed the casino owner and burned down the casino? Don’t you know that they’re- they’re—”

Benedict repeated those last two words several times, but he still could not utter out loud the wards he wanted to say.

However, Edmund responded in a flat tone, “He was about to kill Devin’s wife. Am I supposed to sit on my hands and watch as they kill her? If she dies here, what are you going to say to the Jadesons?”


Finally, Benedict was at a loss for words.

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