Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1129

Nevertheless, she persisted, and her efforts paid off. Soon, they arrived at the spot.
Edmund was taken aback when they arrived at their destination.

How did she know that this is the spot? After the forest was sealed off, all signs had been removed, and there was nothing to indicate where her husband had died.

Looking at her from the back, Edmund asked, “Have you been here before?” She nodded. “Yes.”

She then started to make her way past the guard rail.

“Be careful,” Edmund said when he saw her.

He quickly reached out to grab her, but just as his fingers were about to touch her skin, she moved away from him as if he had the plague.

Then, she leaped over the guard rail.

Edmund stood transfixed for a few seconds as he watched her go down, his hand frozen midair.
What’s going on?

I don’t remember her avoiding me like this before coming to Zarain.

What’s happening? Has she figured things out?

Edmund continued standing at the road as he mulled over the expressions and reactions she had back in the hospital. All of a sudden, realization struck him, and all colors drained from his face.

She sobered up.

Despite the situation, she has come to her senses.

If that’s what happened to her, then why would she still want to come here? Isn’t she trying to sprinkle salt on her own wound?

The more Edmund thought about it, the less sense it made.

However, Sabrina was already down there, and her figure soon disappeared into the trees.

“Sabrina, come back!” Edmund yelled, livid.

Frightened out of his wits, he leaped over the rail and fled after her as well.

I should have thought of this earlier!

What else would she do other than this? There was no light in her eyes after she came to her senses.

“Sabrina, come back! I’m telling you now that you can’t avenge your husband! Even if you can, he won’t forgive you when you meet him! He only wants you to keep living, Sabrina!”

Edmund screamed and shouted, and his voice reverberated in the woods.
Yet, the woman running in front of him seemed to be deaf to it.

She just kept sprinting forward. As Edmund had expected, she was going to kill those people regardless of what price she had to pay. She was going to skin them alive.

Then, she was going to drag them to hell before reuniting with the man she loved.
Sabrina’s eyes became redder and redder with each passing second.


All of a sudden, a gunshot rang out in the forest.

Sabrina skidded to a stop as she instinctively turned around. A bullet whizzed past her cheek and shot through the tree by her side.

This is some impressive shooting! was the first thought she had.

It was then that bullet slammed into something else.


It was the sound of metal meeting metal.

When she heard it, she spun around to look at it.

Only then, she saw the long bullet in a coat of copper falling to the ground right in front of a sign.
Sabrina could only blink at it.

A loud buzzing noise took over her mind, and everything else fell silent.

The only thing she knew at that moment was that bullet on the ground.

It’s… It’s the bullet I’m looking for.

Edmund caught up to her half a minute after the gunshot rang out. When he finally saw her standing still, anger thrummed in his veins. Unable to contro! himself, he raised his hand, about to slap her.

“You No one could understand what he felt at that moment.
The throbbing fury that roared in his ears robbed him of all his other senses.

No words in any language could describe what he felt at that moment. All he could think was to slap that woman so that she would snap back her senses.

Yet, when he pulled her over and looked into her eyes, he realized she was staring at the bullet on the ground.

In an instant, his anger died off.

He could not bring himself to swing his hand downward.

“Do you know what you’re doing?” he asked in a hoarse voice after a long while, his eyes still fixed on her.

Sabrina slowly let her eyes drift toward his.

“Just leave me be. I know my limits.”


Edmund barked out a loud laugh. “What limits? Did you think that you could sneak into their headquarters and avenge your husband after finding out their details at the casino? Do you know who they are?”

Sabrina was rendered speechless.

“Let me tell you this, Sabrina. They’re not just a small group of people; they’re an organization. They’re the dark web that spans across the entire globe. Not even your husband could stop them, and that was why they killed him. Do you think that you can really avenge him?”

He mentioned Devin’s death.

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