Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1130

The calm facade on Sabrina’s face finally began to crack as she menacingly glared at him. “Shut up! You’re not allowed to say his name!”

“Why can’t I? It’s a fact that he has failed. If not, then why did he die from that bullet?” At that, he jabbed his finger in the direction of the bullet on the ground.

At that instant, the woman’s face turned ashen, and she shuddered. In the next second, she raised her hand and slapped the man.

Smack! A loud and clear slap echoed in the forest, making birds fly away in surprise.

“Shut up right now! Don’t you dare slander my husband! He did not fail. He died from the bullet because he couldn’t win against a whole group of people! It’s not his fault!” the woman screamed in his face.

Not only did Edmund fail to slap her, but he was even slapped by her.

His face was on fire from the powerful slap, but he turned to the side and licked the corner of his bleeding lip.
Then, a relieved grin appeared on his face.

Yes, this is what’s normal.

“Fine, fine. You’re right. There’s nothing wrong with him, and it isn’t his fault. Then are you still going to avenge him? If he had lost against the people, do you really think you, a woman, would be stronger than him?”

Sabrina nearly slapped him again.
She had never hated a man as much as that moment.

Noticing that she was still in the same spot, Edmund said, “Think about it. This is a firearms smuggling case; you can’t resolve this with mere fighting. That bullet in your hand. Do you know why he ended up getting shot at? It’s because it’s very different from the usual bullet in terms of trajectory and weight. Devin is a high-ranking military officer who has been in countless battles, and yet, he never noticed it coming. What about you? What can you do?”

Then, he pointed at the tree that he had shot at earlier.

Sabrina quietly looked at it.

Despite the fact that the bullet was what passed through the tree, the hole it made was as if a laser had gone through it.
Sabrina swayed. Finally, she slumped to the ground.

Edmund rushed over to hold her.

“I’m the one to blame. I killed him. It’s me who killed him.”

“What are you talking about?”

“If not for me, he wouldn’t have stayed in Jetroina for so long. Things wouldn’t have reached this unsalvageable point. It’s all because of me that he ended up dying in their hands.”

The woman ultimately let down all of her guards and began wailing in the middle of the forest.
Yes. If not for me, he wouldn’t be dead.

That woman of the Woods family had said that she had asked her father to send Devin the letter, but that day, at Jetroina, Sabrina had kicked up a fuss after seeing Waylon.

After that, Devin was forced to stay in Jetroina for another week.

That extra week only existed because of her greed. The price for that extra week was his life.

Sabrina curled her body into a ball, her heart aching from the sorrow. At that very moment, remorse had stolen away her courage to look at the bullet and face the world.

She continued to curl her body as if she was trying to bury herself into the ground.

That way, she could redeem herself of the unforgivable sin before looking for him in the afterlife.
“Sabrina? Sabrina Hayes?”

Silence filled the atmosphere.

Anxious, Edmund quickly lifted her into his arms, only to find that she had passed out.

Back in the country, at Oceanic Estate.

After another boring meeting, Sebastian came home to see Karl in his study.

“Mr. Hayes, we’ve brought back the casino people. However, we’ve received more news from Bellridge while we were on our way back. Ms. Sabrina nearly ran off again.” “What did you just say?”

Sebastian, who was tired from brushing off countless people in the meeting earlier, stomped his foot in fury when he heard Karl’s words.

“How long is she trying to drag this on? Is she seriously still running away?”

“No, I think she has come to her senses, but she then tried to avenge Mr. Devin. However, you need not worry because Edmund has already brought her back. So, should we pick her up?” Karl worriedly asked.

Indeed, the best and safest option was to pick her up.
Sebastian easily agreed to it, and Karl soon made himself scarce to work on it.

A few minutes later, Mark entered the room. “Mr. Jadeson, are we certain that the Coopers are involved in this Bellridge incident?”

“Yes,” Sebastian muttered dismissively as he flipped through the few military books he had just brought back from the White House.

When Mark caught sight of the books, he felt the urge to laugh. “What’s the matter, Mr. Jadeson? Are you really going to start learning about the military? I’d say that there’s no need for you to learn from these books. You should just ask Old Mr.

Before he could finish his sentence, Sebastian’s gloomy gaze fixed on him.
Instantly, Mark zipped his mouth.
“Where’s Sasha?”

“Madam has brought the children to Mrs. Croll’s place. Mrs. Croll is the one who had given her the Golden Heights card last time.”

“The Minister of the Naval Force?”

A scowl appeared on Sebastian’s face.

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