Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1131

Indeed, Sasha had brought the children to the Minister of the Naval Force’s house.
That was not her original plan.
However, while she was shopping in the mall the other day, she encountered Helma, the one who had given her the card.

They had a brief chat, and when she saw how witty and adorable Vivian and the twins were, she began persuading Sasha to take them to her place.

“Mrs. Jadeson, you’re finally here! Quick, come in. Our madam has been waiting for you.”

Like the others, Helma’s place was a luxurious villa.

After Sasha led the three children in, the housemaids enthusiastically greeted them and ushered them in.
It had only been over twenty days, but their demeanors were vastly different now.

At their passionate invitation, Sasha could only lead the children in.

Vivian was a straightforward girl. When she realized that the place was not as majestic as Oceanic Estate nor as grand as Frontier Bay in Avenport, she began mumbling, “Mommy, this place is tiny. There’s nothing fun here.”

On the other hand, lan, as usual, did not speak much.

When Matteo heard his sister’s grumble, he let go of his mother and went toward his sister instead.

“Be a good girl. We’re not here to play. We’re here to help Mommy get more information about the military.” “Really?”

Vivian widened her eyes upon hearing her brother’s words.

On the other hand, Sasha was so shocked that she hastily covered her son’s mouth.

“Don’t be silly. This lady invited you here to play with her grandchild, okay?”

“Okay, Mommy.”

The three children were quick to answer obediently.

Then, the four of them finally entered the living room of the villa to meet the people inside the house.
Oh my goodness!

There are so many people!

That was what the children thought the moment they stepped into the living room.

Even Sasha was taken aback.

“Mrs. Croll, this is…”

“Helio, Sasha. Let me introduce you to them. The few of us often have gatherings. She here is the wife of the police chief.
She’s the wife of the Minister of Transportation. These two here are the wives of officers in the Air Force in the army. When they heard that I’ve invited you and the kids, they were overjoyed and had brought their kids here too.”

When Helma spotted Sasha, she stood up and beamed at her.

Sasha was speechless for a moment.

Aren’t they all related to the army?

This gathering is more like a gathering of the House’s family members.

However, she quickly recollected herself and smiled back. “I see. I’m honored to meet you all. These are my children. My apologies to have brought them all here today.”

She then pushed the children in.

Indeed, they were triplets.

When the women who were dressed to their nines saw the triplets Sasha pushed in, jealousy and envy washed over them.
Yariel is so d*mn lucky!

Not only did he become the House Speaker, but he even has triplets!


“Mrs. Jadeson, how old are they?”

‘They’re eight,” Sasha politely answered with a smile.

The moment her answer left her lips, the wife of the Minister of Transportation beamed. “Eight? That’s fantastic. My son’s ten.
They can play together.”

“Mine too. My two daughters are twelve, and they’re now in the garden with their violins.” “Mine’s a little younger, but she’s already Grade 6 in piano.”

In mere seconds, the women were fighting against themselves to invite the triplets to play with their children.

Sasha did not know how to respond to them.
“All right. Let’s go to the garden to play. Come on, let’s go. Let’s go to the garden to play.” “Okay, Vivi’s going too, right? We won’t stay here and disturb the adults talking.”

Before Sasha could gather her wits to say anything, the children had quickly said that they would be leaving the adults alone with a bright smile on their faces. Even Vivian, the slowest to react among the triplets, agreed with her brother.

Sasha panicked, but a small hand soon grabbed her palm.

She lowered her head to look at her child.

“Don’t worry, Mommy,” said lan, his voice soft and quiet as he looked up at her.

He really looks a lot tike his father.

Nevertheless, his reassurance worked, for Sasha felt her heart climbing down her throat back into her chest.
Right. These children are smarter than the average kids. I don’t need to worry that they’ll be bullied.

Finally, Sasha let them go.

Once the children were gone, the living room became much quieter. Helma then instructed the housemaid to serve the drinks.

“Mrs. Jadeson, where is your hometown? I think there’s a mistake with the buttons of the baniere you’re wearing.” “Huh?”

Sasha froze when she heard the question from the wife of the Chief of Air Force, Dorthea Justly.

There’s a mistake with the dress’ button?

Sasha then lowered her head to look at the baniere—the dress she was wearing—that Sebastian had just ordered for her.

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