Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1133

Vivian’s eyes lit up when she heard them.
‘That’s right, that’s right. But my family name’s Hayes, not Jadeson,” she corrected.
Nevertheless, the two girls ignored that.

When they heard that she was the Jadeson girl that her parents were furious at home about, hatred flashed in their eyes, and they began formulating a malicious plan.

“Are you here to play with us?”

“Yes, yes. Let’s play hide-and-seek together! It’s really fun.”

Vivian was a naive girl, so she was delighted when she heard that the two other girls were interested in playing with her.
Unlike the last time, the girls did not utter anything mean anymore.

However, one of them said, “Sure. As long as you learn how to play the violin, we’ll play with you.”


Vivian’s big eyes stared at the two girls in confusion.

They want me to play the violin?

But I don’t know how to play the violin.

Mommy sent me to violin and dance classes, but I didn’t learn much of anything. I don’t have a single musical cell in me. All I know is eating and combing the hair of my doll.

I don’t know anything! With that thought in mind, a stumped look appeared on Vivian’s face.
Unfortunately, one of the two girls quickly put the violin in her hands.

“Come. You don’t need to play a whole piece; you just need to play a few notes, that’s all. I’ll teach you,” said one of the girls as she lifted her violin.

Oh, that’s simple.

Hence, Vivian finally agreed to it.

Her plump, small hands took the violin from them as she began observing the girl carefully to learn from her.



Vivian’s note was accurate.

Although music performance was not something she enjoyed learning, Sasha had forced her to learn some basic parts when she was teaching Matteo and lan.

Therefore, she could play a few basic notes.

When the girls heard the perfect note, they paled.

How could she possibly know how to play this?

Why did she lie to us then? Why did she tell us she can’t play the violin? Is she here to embarrass us? The girls became even more furious as the one with the violin swiftly played a complex chord.

Vivian froze.

This isn’t a note, is it?

“Miss, this…”

“What’s the matter? Can you not play it? This is simple. If you can’t play this, we won’t play with you. In fact, we’ll also tell the other kids that you don’t know how to do anything.”

Vivian inhaled sharply as her eyes widened into saucers.

How can she be so mean? How can she tell the other kids that I don’t know how to do anything. Won’t Mommy be embarrassed if that happens?

At that moment, anger emerged in Vivian’s chest, and her eyes turned red.
“Fine. I’ll play it. I can do it,” she huffed out.

Then, after adjusting her posture, she pulled the bow.


To her surprise, it was an ugly sound.

“Hahaha!” The moment the girls heard it, they laughed until they were leaning back. They nearly rushed into the house to tell their mother how stupid the Jadeson girl was.

Some people were evil by nature.

By then, Vivian’s eyes were brimming with tears, and she could not stop the frown from growing on her face.
No, I can’t let them tell Mommy that I’m too dumb to play this.

I can’t embarrass Mommy here.

Sniffling, Vivian then adjusted her posture and tried pulling the bow again.


Squack! Squee! La—Fa—So—

Vivian tried playing the notes again and again despite the two girls’ continuous laughter. Finally, she successfully played the chord.

Instantly, the girls’ expressions darkened.
This stupid fool managed to play it?

The two of them were overwhelmed by anger, and just as they were about to suggest more challenging things to stump her, Vivian returned their violin to them.

“I’m not going to play the violin anymore. Have fun playing. I won’t play with the two of you.”

Vivian’s eyes were bloodshot, but when she gave them back the violin, she made sure to be polite.

After handing them the violin, she turned and fled.

The two girls scoffed. “At least she’s smart enough to leave.”

The two of them then began playing their violin again.

Meanwhile, after Vivian ran off, she went to look for her brothers as she kept her hands close to her chest.
Finally, she found lan.


The very second she saw him, she could not hold back her tears anymore as she began wailing.

lan had been staring at an older boy playing his Rubik’s Cube when his sister abruptly appeared and began crying in his arms. Instantly, he scowled.

“What’s the matter? Did anyone bully you?” Like his father, the moment a scowl appeared on his face, the temperature around him dropped.

As Vivian wiped her snot, she showed her hand to her brother. “It’s bleeding!”

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