Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1135

When Sasha saw the girls running into the living room, she nearly spilled her drink in shock.
Oh, dear. What happened? Why is there blood all over their hands?

“Mommy, I have a broken finger!” One girl burst into noisy tears.

“Look! Mine, too!”

As their wails resonated in the living room, the women bristled and rose to their feet.

“Broken? What happened? How did you break your finger?” Dorthea jolted up in a mixture of horror and shock before running to her daughters.

Everyone else couldn’t hide the surprise on their faces as well.
One of the girls complained, “The Jadeson twins cut our fingers.”

“Yes, he pressed our fingers and slashed them across the violin strings. Mommy, it hurts. We can’t play the violin anymore, right?” another whimpered sadly.

The guests turned livid when the girls revealed what had happened.

How can an eight-year-old boy do such a vicious act? They are violinists. Now that their fingers are crushed, their efforts over the years will be wasted!

Dorthea dashed over to Sasha. “Mrs. Jadeson, I demand an explanation!”

Sasha was rendered speechless.

Having no idea what was going on, her heart skipped a beat in panic.

“Mrs. Oveson, calm down. We don’t know what happened back there. The most important thing now is to treat their injuries and stop the bleeding. Once they’re safe, we can question my children to find out what happened. Is that all right?” she suggested in a careful manner.

Dorthea spat in disgust. “Are you trying to shirk your responsibility? Dream on! Even if you’re the House Speaker’s wife, you need to provide an explanation. Otherwise, I won’t let you leave this villa!”

She then ordered the guards to get the kids from the garden.
The mistress of the house, Helma Bjerre, made no move to stop her.
Sasha blanched. She stood up, about to go to the kids, when the three of them ran into the living room.

“Mommy, someone cut Vivi’s finger and bullied lan. Mommy, are we here as guests? Why did everyone bully us? Let’s ask Daddy to bring us home!” Matteo pouted and complained angrily when he spotted Sasha.

His mother was stunned. “Matt? Are you telling the truth?” she asked, concerned.

Matteo raised his sister’s hand. “Yes, Vivi wanted to play with them, but they forced her to play the violin. When she couldn’t play it, they cut her finger instead.”

Silence ensued.

“There was a boy who forced lan to play his Rubik’s Cube. lan ignored him and got insulted in return. If I hadn’t arrived in time, he would’ve beaten lan up!” Matteo declared in a heated manner.

Being the most eloquent speaker among the three of them, he swiftly pushed the blame onto someone else and made them the victims.

They had been discriminated against and attacked back in the garden.

Dorthea was seething in a fury. “Nonsense! You cut my daughters’ fingers! How dare you lie and claim they harmed your sister?” she demanded.

Matteo raised his head and retorted smugly, “If you don’t believe me, check the surveillance tapes in the garden.”

A hush descended over the living room.

Yes, he’s right! There must be surveillance cameras in a representative’s house.

Finally, Sasha calmed down and shot Helma an icy glare.

The latter had no words.

She thought she could enjoy the show without doing anything but had to relent under the cold gaze and summon her men to retrieve the surveillance tapes.

When the tape was played, everyone saw with their own eyes how the two girls forced Vivian to play the violin.

After Vivian hurt her finger, she went to her brother for help.

How did the girls cut their fingers, then?

The surveillance tapes showed lan demanding an explanation from them. After they lost the bet, they tried to harm lan and ended up cutting their fingers in the fight.

“No! Mom, the surveillance tapes had been altered! We didn’t cut our fingers in the fight. He was the one who scraped our fingers across the violin strings!” both girls shrieked.

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