Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1136

Alas, no one believed their words.
After all, none of them would assume that an eight-year-old boy had tampered with the surveillance tapes.
In the end, Helma had to apologize to Sasha before the latter left with the kids in tow.

‘I’m really sorry, Sasha. I thought you could have a good time with the kids here. I had no idea this would happen. Please accept my apologies,” she said, sincerity ringing in her voice.

‘It’s fine. The kids are just fooling around,” Sasha assured her calmly.
There wasn’t a need for her to get mad, after all.

After meeting those officials’ wives and seeing for herself how they questioned and provoked her, it was clear that this wasn’t a normal gathering.

Instead, this was a trap.

All in all, she should have no cause to feel conflicted.

As Sasha drove back to Oceanic Estate, she asked, “Matteo, be honest with me. How did the girls cut their fingers?” “Well…”

The smug kids immediately scrunched up their faces at her question.

“Mommy, you know what happened?”

“I want to know the reason,” Sasha glanced in the rearview mirror, her tone stern.
Matteo’s head drooped over his shoulders, indicating he was upset.
Yes, he and lan had tampered with the surveillance tapes. But we did that to protect Vivi and Mommy!

Glumly, Matteo explained everything in detail. Once he finished, he looked up and said, “Mommy, I don’t think I did anything wrong. The girls bullied Vivi on purpose. Can’t I avenge Vivi?”

“Mm!” lan indicated that he was on the same side as Matteo.
Sasha fell silent, as she didn’t know how to discipline her sons.
They were right to defend their sister, but their actions were too vicious for their age.

If the girls’ fingers were broken for real, their daddy would have a hard time handling those representatives in the White House.

She brought them back home without further detay.

That night, Sebastian found out about the incident and summoned lan.

“Tell me why you didn’t stop your brother today,” he stated sternly.

The eight-year-old boy had never seen his dad this stern. He froze as his mind blanked out.

Sebastian’s tone softened. “There are plenty of ways to defend your sister, but resorting to violence is the most foolish way to do it. If I were you, I’d let someone else do the deed for me!”

lan’s eyes widened. After a brief pause, he asked, “How do I do that?” Calmly, Sebastian whipped something out and tossed it to his son.

“Didn’t you take this there? Since you caught everything on tape, you should’ve edited it and released it to the public. Someone will definitely take action and avenge your sister,” he explained patiently.

lan stood stock still, his mouth agape.

Sasha had been eavesdropping outside all the while and couldn’t stop herself from stomping her feet in anger at her husband’s words.

That b*stard! How can he teach his son to do that? Doesn’t he know how capable they are now? I can’t believe he’s teaching them a more vicious way to do that. They are only eight-year-olds!

She nearly lost her mind.
Back in the room, lan digested his father’s words briefly before nodding in approval.
“I might consider that the next time.”

Satisfied, Sebastian asked the second question, “Why did you bring this there?”

His son answered, “You want to know what those peaple are doing, right?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Isn’t that man your subordinate?”

Silence ensued.

This time, Sebastian was at a loss for words.

Like father, like son, indeed.

Sasha held back the urge to push the door open, for she realized their conversation made no sense to her.
Bring what? Did those children bring something there without my knowledge? About a minute later, the man caved in. “Besides that, what else did it capture?” “Nothing important to you. The ladies were showing off themselves like fools.” “Well…”

“Don’t worry. Matt and I have installed all the tapping devices we brought there. The ladies went back to their respective houses, so you can find out what you want to know,” the little boy revealed.

He then offered his tablet to his father.
After a shocked silence, Sebastian started choking on his drink.

Indeed, my son is capable!

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