Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1139

In the end, the man brought Sabrina along with him, for the Coopers didn’t even know where Edmund was.
The thugs at the casino were criminals and had significant influence there. No one knew where they would take Edmund.

After bringing Sabrina to the street where Edmund was abducted, the man whipped out his phone to find out if there were any updates.

“Do you know where the casino is?” Suddenly, the woman standing beside him parted her lips and posed that question to him.
The man turned at his shoulder and replied impatiently, “Isn’t that—”

Before he could finish, a beggar next to him interjected, “Yes, I do.”

Sabrina pulled out a stack of cash and tossed it to him. “Tell me where their hideout is,” she demanded coolly.

Both the man and the beggar fell silent.

It took the beggar a while to regain his composure and gather the bills in delight.

“I shall find out now. Wait for me!” He then scrambled to his feet and dashed off.

The man’s jaw hung wide in surprise.

The beggar obviously won’t come back!

He had never seen such an arrogant and foolish decision.

However, around ten minutes later, the beggar returned, much to his surprise.
“I’m sorry, miss. I’ve asked around but didn’t find out what you want to know.” “Why?”

“lm a newcomer who doesn’t know many people here. If you wish to know, you might need to ask someone who has been around here for a long time,” the beggar revealed honestly.

The man decided to dismiss the beggar and come out with another plan.

Is she joking? After Mr. Edmund was abducted, we’ve exhausted all means but still failed to find where he was. Cana measly beggar tell us where the thugs are?

“All right. Tell them I shall reward anyone who has information I need with five hundred grand!” After making that announcement, she grabbed a few stacks of bills from her pocket and flung them to the ground.

The beggar swiftly gathered the bills and dashed away excitedly.
The man from the Coopers was utterly dumbfounded upon seeing that.

When the beggar disappeared from sight, he found his voice and inquired, “Ms. Sabrina, does this work?”

Sabrina pinned him with a withering look. “Why not? Money makes the world go round. Haven’t you heard of that?” The man fell silent.

Yes, I’ve heard of that. But that’s not the point. How did she know the beggar would return? I can’t believe she offered five hundred grand as a reward. Is she that rich?

No wonder he was shocked, for this was the first time he saw someone more extravagant than Edmund.
He couldn’t quite believe his eyes.
Sabrina might be a Hayes, but she was also famous in the underworld.

Back when Frederick brought Sebastian back from Sumanthova and left the company to the latter, she got really upset and changed her attitude completely. After a scum cheated on her, she let herself loose completely.

She used to stay out all night to frequent casinos, nightclubs, and black markets.

Frederick nearly had a stroke from her actions.

Later, Sebastian exiled her, and she had to spend six months on that island. To survive, she was forced to deal with those people and learned te be as boorish as them.

Thus, Sabrina knew them inside out.

Indeed, the beggar’s return was twice as fast, and he had a few experienced beggars at his heel.

“Miss, here you go. They have the information you need,” he reported.

“Okay,” Sabrina replied with a nod.

She glanced at the beggars silently.

They promptly spoke up. “They are hiding in that apartment. I can bring you there.”

“Miss, are you looking for that young man they abducted two days ago? I saw that. If you’re going to save him, do you need me to seek help?”

“I can help, too. Do you need weapons?” The subordinate from the Cooper family’s jaw dropped at their words.
Now, he finally realized why Edmund adored her, though she was difficult and testy.

In the end, Sabrina got a car and the latest pistol, while that subordinate led a dozen beggars to sneak into the thugs’ hideout.

He couldn’t quite believe he was doing this.

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