Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1141

“Can I fly back home to receive treatment?” Edmund asked.

Right after he said that, the doctor glared at him angrily. “Are you serious? If you insist on boarding the plane, you’ll die on the way back!”

Edmund fell silent.
“All right, he’ll stay. I’ll pay the fees now!” She grabbed the notice from the doctor and left to pay the medical expense for him.

A few minutes later, Edmund’s subordinate arrived. He noticed that Edmund seemed pleased, though he was lying in bed. No one would’ve known that he had been beaten to a pulp a while ago!

“Mr. Edmund? Are you okay?” he asked carefully.


Edmund put on a calm look and sat up to look at his subordinate.
“Have you settled everything?” he questioned tersely.

“Yes. You told me. Mr. Cooper would be there soon, but he didn’t show up, though I waited for two hours,” the man stated doubtfully.

Edmund looked away.

He was back to his usual aloof self. Impatiently, he said, “How would I know? Those men told me he would be there soon when they released me.” “Huh?” The subordinate was shocked to learn that. “You mean, they released you?”

“Yes. They said my dad was on the way and agreed to let me join them. I said yes, so they let me go,” Edmund responded, his voice indicating a lack of patience.

Damn it! His subordinate turned pale. This is terribie!

He rushed out and called Benedict, whe was still on his way here.

“Hello, Mr. Cooper. Are you here? We’re in trouble!”

“What is it again?” Benedict, who had just gotten off his plane, roared in anger.

The man cried, “Mr. Edmund is back, but he just told me he agreed to work for those people.” “What?” As expected, Benedict blanched in horror.

He gripped his smartphone as his chest heaved angrily.

“Is he a fool? Why did he agree to work for them?” he demanded.

“Well, Mr. Cooper, those people must’ve tricked him. He told me they claimed you agreed to let him join, so he agreed to it,” the subordinate revealed miserably.

No one from the Cooper family would agree to work for them. After all, Benedict and their collaboration was top-secret.

There was no way Benedict would allow any of the Coopers to work for those thugs.
Now, his own son had been roped in! Benedict nearly fainted in rage. He rushed out of the airport and hailed a cab to go to Bellridge at once.

Right now, in Bellridge Hospital, Edmund had no idea how serious the situation was. After his subordinate rushed out to make a phone call and returned with a contorted expression, he found that strange.

He promptly asked, “Why are you looking like that? Are you upset that I’m still alive?”

“No, Mr. Edmund. Don’t you know that those men lied to you? Mr. Cooper didn’t agree for you to join them!” the subordinate exclaimed.

Edmund went silent.
Shortly after, Sabrina entered with the receipt, and he promptly focused on her.

‘That’s his business, so go talk to him,” he declared rudely.

What the f*ck?

The man nearly burst into tears.

Sabrina had no idea what had happened. She dealt with the admittance procedures and returned to the ward.
Glancing at him, she said, “I’m going back.”

“Where?” Edmund asked hastily.

Frowning, Sabrina revealed, “Back to the hotel. I’m booking a flight back home this afternoon.”

Edmund stared at the woman, his jaw agape.

This was the first time she mentioned about returning to her country. After her tedious insistence, he felt strange to hear that from her lips.

Did she finally think it through? Edmund stared at her for a long while before his shock turned into a slight smile.

“That sounds good. You’ve been out and about for some time, so it’s time for you to go home now. You should leave that to your brother and reunite with your kid. Some things are best left to men,” he lamented.

Sabrina arched her brow at his words.
In all honesty, she didn’t enjoy hearing that, especially when he claimed, “Some things are best left to men.”

Is that discrimination against women?

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