Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1142

After a brief stare at his swollen face, she said nothing and strode out.
Sabrina walked out of the hospital.

“Ms. Sabrina, did you inform him?” There was a man waiting for her at the entrance. He came over to her and asked, his voice full of concern.

Sabrina seemed cranky, but she glanced at him and gave him a curt nod. “What’s next? Did you tell Sebastian about the stuff I discovered in the casino?”

“Yes. He sent his men here, didn’t he?” Karl assured her with a grin.

He dared not ruffle her feathers and could only play along with her. Otherwise, she might try something out of the ordinary.
Luckily, she seemed pleased at his explanation.

They both left the hospital.

That night, when Sabrina was on her way to the airport, Benedict arrived in Bellridge.

After he got off his car, he stood in front of the building, looking at the inpatient department, deep in thought. “Mr. Cooper?” the subordinate called.

Benedict remained silent as he stared at the ward.

After a few minutes, he asked, “Was he ever this obedient?”

“Huh?” The man froze in surprise.

Benedict added, “This is the first time he had ever listened to me in over twenty years. He agreed to work for those people when I said so.”

Silence ensued.

Suddenly, the enormity of what had happened fully dawned on the subordinate.

Yes, Mr. Edmund had never been this obedient! He had always rebelled against his father, even if his life was at stake.
His eyes widened at the revelation. “Mr. Cooper, we—”

“Let’s head up,” Benedict declared, though he seemed absolutely gloomy.

He then stepped into the hospital.

At the inpatient department, he asked about his son, and the nurse pointed him in the direction of the ward.

Benedict and the man promptly went that way.


The loud thump of the door shocked the entire quiet inpatient department. Even the nurses and doctors along the corridor were shocked, let alone the patients in their respective wards.

“Why? Are you here to kill me after I invited trouble again?”

Edmund wasn’t asleep yet.

He was holding his smartphone in his hands as though he were engrossed in his game. When the loud bang reverberated throughout the ward, he looked up and glared at the unwanted visitors icily.

He was back to his usual annoying self.
Thus, the subordinate wasn’t sure what was going on.

Benedict was unfazed. He stood at the door and scanned his son carefully before his gaze landed on the arm where Edmund had received an IV drip earlier.

There was a tiny gauze on the wound.

“How are you doing?” he asked.

“What do you mean by that?” Edmund stared at him as though he were a fool.

Benedict stopped asking questions and whipped out the report next to the bed. “Broken ribs and bruised lungs!” Slam!

He slammed the report back to where it belonged hotly.

Edmund gave him a coo! look and refused to comment further. He looked down and returned to his game.
An awkward silence settled in the ward.

The subordinate was wondering if he should break the silence when Benedict suppressed his anger. “I shall demand an explanation from them tomorrow. Stay here while I ask the doctor about Edmund’s condition,” he barked.

“Yes, Mr. Cooper,” the subordinate responded, pleased that he didn’t have to lighten the situation.
Edmund said nothing throughout their entire exchange.

After all, it was normal for a father to ask about his son’s condition.

After Edmund finished a round of the game, a nurse entered with a syringe and solution on a tray.
“Mr. Cooper, I’m going to hook you to an IV drip,” she told him.

“Mm,” Edmund replied lazily without looking up. He stretched his dormant arm to the nurse.

The nurse tied his arm in a smooth action and inserted the sharp end of the needle into his vein.
A faint smell of solution lingered in the air.

The liquid flowed down the drip and into the pierced skin. Though it was faint, the man’s nose was sharp enough to detect it.

“What is this solution?” he inquired.

“It’s penicillin. Your dad came and told us you aren’t allergic to it, so we changed the solution to penicillin. It works faster than other antibiotics,” the nurse explained gently.

Hearing that, the man narrowed his gaze and stopped playing the game on his phone.

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