Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1143

When Sabrina was about to board the plane, she found something odd with the man next to her.

As soon as Karl picked up a call, he rushed out of the boarding hall as if he had to attend to an emergency.

When she headed out to search for him since he was away for quite some time, she found out he was occupied with his phone.
What’s he doing?

She remained silent and continued observing the suspicious man for a few minutes before returning to the boarding hall.

When the man returned after another few minutes, Sabrina thought he would show her the way to the plane.

However, to her surprise, he mentioned, “Ms. Sabrina, I have to return to attend to an emergency! I’ll send someone to escort you! Is that fine?”

Sabrina had no intention to poke her nose into Karl’s business since he was the person in charge of SteelFort.

On top of that, he was in charge of matters regarding the Hayeses throughout the years. Thus, she wasn’t particularly against the idea of having someone else escort her.

However, as soon as the man departed, she thought of something as she was alone in the boarding hall, awaiting the person to escort her to show up.

Where’s he returning to? Is it Bellridge? What sort of emergency is he talking about? Does it have something to do with Devin?

She felt her heart racing and sprang up from her seat.

Meanwhile, Karl had long returned to Bellridge when he heard of the news at the airport.

To ensure he could reach the destination as soon as possible, he had the chopper ready when he was at the boarding hall.
Unfortunately, things were tough on the end of his subordinates.

The ones hiding in the dark had been anticipating his arrival.

Once Karl showed up, they came out of hiding and announced, “Mr. Frost, you’re finally here! We’ve sent someone to lure Benedict away and infiltrate the hospital, but they’re the ones with the upper hand.”

Karl got increasingly worked up when he heard the news. He asked, “Why has he gotten suspicious out of the blue? Is it because of the freaking penicillin?”

His subordinate affirmed, “I’m afraid that’s the case! After all, it’s one of the most common antibiotics available in the country! He must have gotten suspicious since Edmund turned him down more than once!”

“What the hell? Is there a law ruling mandating the usage of penicillin?”

Another one of those affiliated with SteelFort remarked, “Unfortunately, Benedict’s son had always relied on it whenever something was wrong with him.”

Unable to resist the urge to throw a tantrum, Karl cursed, “What the hell! Has he or hasn’t he relied on penicillin?”

“Benedict got increasingly suspicious because Edmund turned him down with the excuse of not having a skin prick test conducted beforehand.”

Karl felt another strong urge to vent his anger because he was certain the dubious Benedict would do everything it would take to get to the bottom of the it.

Benedict has long gotten suspicious of his so-called son! If Edmund continues turning him down, Benedict is going to get increasingly dubious! In short, we’re the ones with a nasty situation ahead of us!

To Karl’s surprise, once he marched into the building with his face scrunched up in irritation, he encountered Benedict marching into the office of the attending physician.

Along with the rest of the members of SteelFort, Karl was at a loss for words.
Can I just take him out already? Meanwhile, Edmund was thrilled since he thought he had successfully stopped Benedict from trying anything silly.

However, Benedict had no intention to let him off the hook just yet. He instructed the man next to him, “Take care of him when I’m away. I’ll go get the doctor to conduct a skin prick test.”

He made something up and walked out of the ward shortly after he wrapped up his conversation with the ones in the ward.
The man remained standing next to Edmund to take care of him as instructed.

Unable to withstand the awkward silence in the ward, he asked Edmund, “Do you want an apple? I’ve just bought a few fresh apples from the mart!”

Edmund, who was occupied with his phone, had no intention to eat the apple but changed his mind upon a glance.
He requested, “Can you wash and slice it on my behalf?”


The one with the apple was thrilled. He rushed into the washroom to get the apple ready as Edmund requested.

By the time he returned, he noticed that Edmund had gotten increasingly excited. Judging by his response and the sound coming from his phone, he thought that Edmund must have started another game.

Ten minutes later, the doctor asked once he entered the ward with Benedict, “Mr. Cooper, have you requested to conduct a skin prick test?”

Edmund, who was occupied with his game, raised his head and looked at the doctor in the eyes.

Irked by the scent of the antiseptic coming from the gloves of the doctor, he turned around and looked elsewhere with a deadpan look.

The doctor approached him and had everything ready for the test within split seconds. He gathered the sample he needed for the test once he sterilized the area around Edmund’s wrist with an alcohol swab.

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