Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1145

It turned out a car had just whizzed through his side at top speed. Unfortunately, he couldn’t even hear vehicles closing in.

His sense of touch was the sole thing he could rely on. However, none of those would matter since he would pass on if he couldn’t return to the hotel in thirty minutes.

Out of the blue, someone alighted from the car and asked since she was equally astonished by his presence there, “Edmund?” Edmund couldn’t hear her, but he knew someone was on their way to him the moment she alighted from the car.

Unsure if she was a friend or a foe, he launched a powerful kick in her direction when he was merely a few feet away from her.
As a result of his powerful kick, the woman fell to the ground and shrieked in pain, “O-Ouch!”

When she felt the racking sensation coming from her head, she felt a strong urge to take out the man in front of her in a similar manner.

“What on earth is wrong with you? Can’t you tell it’s me? Have you a death wish or something? I’ll send you to hell if you have enough of living!”

Huh? What’s with this familiar scent? Wait! Who’s this next to me?

He leaned over and started running his hands across the floor. When he found the pieces of papers all over the place, he picked those up and started examining them.
What is this? Are these pieces of notes?

His mind was all over the place when the woman finally brought herself up and saw him trying to get his hands on her notes.

Unable to stand the man’s goofy look anymore, she rushed over and launched an equally powerful kick to retaliate against the man.


He felt a racking sensation coming from his leg since she had put on a pair of high heels. As a result, he groaned in pain.
When she was about to launch another powerful kick, he stopped her in the nick of time and held her firmly in his arms.
“Ms. Sabrina, is that you? I can’t see!”

Sabrina, who was about to throw a powerful punch at the man, was startled by the things the man brought up.


What does he mean? Why can’t he see?

“My father has beaten me to a pulp! As a result, I can’t really see or hear! He’s trying to take me out because of the troubles I’ve caused him!”

His head drooped over his shoulders as he nestled against the woman in his arms. He seemed as if he was a needy little boy in desperate need of others’ aid after others picked on him.

Sabrina couldn’t stand the man on her shoulder anymore. After all, he was a few feet taller than her in terms of height and a few pounds heavier than her in terms of weight.

Instead of pushing him away, she wrapped her arms around him to stop him from falling in the nick of time.
“What the heck is wrong with your father? Is he even in his right mind?”

The man couldn’t hear her, but he hadn’t lost his sense of smell yet. He leaned over and asked while begging with an aggrieved look, “Ms. Sabrina, can you do me a favor and take me home with you?”

Sabrina felt a strong urge to rush into the hospital to teach the young man’s father a lesson, but she couldn’t stand it anymore when the helpless man brought up his request.

She helped him up and returned to the hotel with him. They finally reached the hotel after twenty minutes.

Edmund was on the verge of passing out by the time they returned to the hotel.

As a result, Sabrina’s mind was all over the place as she tried to bring him to her room. She repeated herself, “Edmund? Stay with me, Edmund!”

Shail I rush him to the hospital? Since his father is still around, am I supposed to send him to another hospital?

Once Sabrina brought herself to a halt, the barety conscious man figured out the things she had in mind. Therefore, he muttered, “D-Don’t send me to the hospital. G-Get me the blue pill on top of the nightstand—.”

He couldn’t even finish his sentence since he had lost consciousness and fallen to the ground.
Startled, Sabrina yelled, “Edmund! Stay with me, Edmund!”

She had never seen his vulnerable side ever since they became acquainted with one another. To be precise, she found the man irritating all this while.

The young man was the one stopping her from traveling abroad to search for her husband with all sorts of excuses. He even mentioned that it was Sebastian’s instructions to keep her grounded.

She once thought of taking him out to get rid of him just like the current unconscious man in her arms.

However, when his limbs started turning stiff, she knew she didn’t mean it. On top of that, she was slightly flustered as colors started draining from his face.

She felt upset as if he was an important figure in her life. In spite of the hassle she had to go through, she finally returned to her room with the unconscious man.

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