Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1146

I need to get him his pills immediately! Where’s the bottle of pills he needs?

As soon as she returned to the suite and recalled the things he told her before passing out, she started searching high and low in the man’s room.

When she found the things he needed in the man’s drawer, she paused and muttered to herself, “What the heck is this?”

It turned out there was a miniature temperature regulating device next to the bottle of odd-looking pills. As soon as she tried opening it, smoke gushed out of the device.

What sort of pill are we talking about? What’s with this weird-looking device next to it?

As confused as she might be, she knew she couldn’t afford to waste her time anymore. She returned to the living room and stuffed the pill into the man’s mouth.

Ten minutes later, she felt a sense of relief once he regained consciousness. Subsequently, she collapsed to the ground and took a seat next to the barely conscious man.

Alright, I’ll figure out these mysterious-looking things once I’m done sorting things out with this unconscious man! Sabrina returned with a pail of lukewarm water and cleaned the man before tucking him in on the couch.

Once she had everything sorted out, she took a seat next to the window and drafted a text.

Sabrina: Sasha, where are you? I need you to answer my queries!

The message took Sasha, who was at Oceanic Estate in Jadeborough, by surprise since she was about to feed Jaena.

She put everything aside and reached for her phone since it was the first time Sabrina tried getting in touch with her after running away from home.

Instead of greeting her and inquiring about the condition of her daughter, Sabrina attached two photos.

Sabrina: You’re a doctor, aren’t you? Have you seen any of these pills?

Sasha: Huh?

Sasha’s eyes widened when she caught a glimpse of the formula printed on the bottle once she zoomed in on the photos.
Caution: Handle CuSO. with care!

What the heck are these? CuSO ? Isn’t that freaking copper sulfate? What is she trying to do with these?

Sasha was afraid the woman on the other end was up to something silly again. Thus, she rushed out of the room with her phone and yelled, “Sebby, where are you?”

“Mrs. Jadeson, are you looking for Mr. Hayes? He’s currently in the study for a discussion with Mr. Old Mr. Jadeson.”

Olivia thought something was wrong and showed Sasha the way to Jonathan’s study immediately.
As soon as Sasha handed Jaena to Olivia, she barged into the study. “Sebby!” “What’s wrong? I’m here!”

Sebastian was equally anxious ever since he heard Sasha searching for him a few minutes ago. He brought his session with Jonathan to a halt and returned to the side of his wife.

Sasha showed him her phone and yelled, “See! Sabrina has just gotten in touch with me and sent me these! She asked me if I have seen this as a doctor!”

She could barely catch her breath after running all the way into the study from her room upstairs, but she wasn’t the one making a fuss out of something trivial.

After all, Sabrina’s life might be at stake if she were to mistake copper sulfate as some sort of pill for health complications.

The inorganic compound was often involved in the agricultural setting as an herbicide. In other words, it was never meant for consumption unless under the supervision of a doctor.

Sasha couldn’t even remain calm as she felt a strong urge to make a trip abroad to Sabrina’s whereabout to stop her from trying whatever she was up to.
To her surprise, the man in front of her wasn’t particularly shocked when he glanced at the photos she showed him.

She thought she had been seeing things as the man seemed to feel a sense of relief when he saw the photos Sabrina sent her.

Am I seeing things or imagining things again? “Sebby?”

“I’ll get in touch with Edmund to figure out the things going on at once. You need to calm down since I’ve sent Karl to escort her home, She’s going to join us soon.”

Sebastian finally answered her queries and assured her to take it easy since it wasn’t a big deal.

Sasha looked at him in the eyes and thought something was wrong, but she couldn’t figure out the things going on behind the scenes due to the man’s flawless act.

When she was about to mention something else, Jonathan broke the silence and asked, “Sasha, is everything fine?” “Y-Yes, Grandpa!”

She knew she had to leave the rest to her husband as it wouldn’t be wise to confront him in front of her grandfather-in-law.

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