Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1147

“Sasha, just allow Sebastian to deal with Sasha and get yourself ready for the banquet tomorrow. You’re going to join Sebastian for the celebration of the newly appointed cabinet, aren’t you?”


The things Jonathan brought up had successfully diverted Sasha’s attention since she wasn’t made aware of her upcoming agenda with Sebastian beforehand.

She was nervous since she had never attended a banquet with the ones leading the nation as guests of the banquet.

It’s nothing if we’re talking about a banquet for the members of the upper echelon! As nasty as the guests might be, they’re merely a piece of cake as compared to politicians!

Sasha stammered in return, “I-Is it necessary for me to show up? I-Isn’t this too much?”

Sebastian broke the silence ahead of his grandfather and remarked in a sarcastic tone, “What do you mean it’s too much when they need to consider themselves lucky to make your acquaintance? They’re just a bunch of selfish men with their respective hidden agendas!”

It was evident he despised the politicians the most as it was written all over his face. Startled by the man’s harsh remarks, Sasha started perspiring again.

In the end, Sasha made up her mind to join him for the banquet held by the members of the White House.

Olivia was thrilled when she heard of the news. She remarked, “Mrs. Jadeson, it’s wonderful! You’re the first to join the banquet as the house hold member of the Jadesons! In other words, you’re officially there as Mrs. Jadeson!”

“She’s right, Mrs. Jadeson! It’s finally time to let others know you’re the almighty Mrs. Jadeson of the successor of the family! I’ll go get you a dress for the banquet at once!”

“Indeed, make sure you have the accessories to go along with the dress ready as well! We need to make sure you’re in your best fit since you’re there on behalf of the family! There’s no way we’re allowing others to outshine you!”

As soon as the housemaids figured out Sasha would join Sebastian for the banquet, they started getting everything she needed ready.

Sasha found them hilarious and thought it wouldn’t be necessary to make a fuss out of a mere banquet.

On top of that, she merely had to get herself ready for the banquet because Sebastian would get everything else she needed for her.

Well, I guess I’ll head out and get the guests some gifts since we’re meeting in person for the first time. I can’t possibly embarrass the family.

“Wendy, can you join me for a trip to the shopping mall?” “Sure, Mrs. Hayes!” Wendy made sure Jaena was in great hands with Olivia prior to leaving with Sasha.

As compared to Avenport, Jadeborough was considered a well-developed city with various infrastructures. Therefore, the buying power of the residents was different from those of the residents from Avenport.

Aware of the things the city had to offer, Sasha headed out to the most luxurious shopping mall from Oceanic Estate once she was ready.

“Wendy, what am I supposed to get the guests?” Seated next to Sasha, Wendy suggested, “What about jewelry?” Sasha wasn’t sure if that was the great idea and lost herself in a process of thought with her lips pursed.

Jewelry sounds fine, but I’m not sure if the guests are going to appreciate something coming from someone they’re barely acquainted with. Mrs. Croll is a huge fan of things made out of baniere, isn’t she?

She thought of getting the guests something else, but the moment she showed up in the boutique store of the mall, she noticed there were many middle-aged women there to get themselves different kinds of accessories.

Wendy leaned over and asked in a hushed voice, “Mrs. Hayes, you’re not going to doubt me, are you?” Sasha thought Wendy was right since she was a few decades older than her.

When she was about to enter the store to avoid running into others in the store, one of the women noticed her presence and asked, “Isn’t that Mrs. Jadeson?” “Where?”

As a result of the woman’s question, the rest of the guests in the boutique store turned around with their eyes glued to Sasha.

Sasha was speechless because she couldn’t run away from them anymore. In the end, she joined the rest of them in the store.

“Mrs. Jadeson, are you here to get yourself an accessory for the banquet as well? Why don’t you check these out over here? The store attendant told me they’ve just acquired these a few hours ago!”

“She’s right, Mrs. Jadeson! Go ahead and give those a try!”

Those around Sasha, including the wife of Minister of Transportation and Chief Superintendent, were the ones at the place of Helma quite a while ago.

They were pretty enthusiastic around Sasha since Helma hadn’t asked them to jain the rest. On top of that, the clothes Sasha put on took them by surprise.

Sasha joined them and asked, “Are these accessories made out of jades?” “Yes, this bracelet over here is of the most premium quality amongst the rest with the latest design.” The store attendant retrieved the turquoise bracelet and showed those in front of her.

As a result, those around Sasha, especially the wife of the Minister of Transportation, couldn’t suppress their urge to get their hands on the unique bracelet anymore.

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