Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1148

Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover chapter 1148 Is it necessary for them to overreact over such a trivial bracelet?

Sasha took it over and started inspecting it. Once she was done, she turned around and asked, “What do you guys think? Are you guys going to get it since it’s such a unique bracelet?”

She figured out the concerns of those around her since they went dead silent when she brought up the question.

Upon a simple glance at the price tag, she found out it would cost her a little more than two hundred thousand for each of the bracelets.

In the end, she asked the store attendant, “How many of these does the store have to offer? Can you get each of them one?” “H-Huh?” Those in the store, including the store attendant, gasped as a result of Sasha’s suggestion.

The store attendant repeated after Sasha as she thought she had been hearing things, “A-Are you sure you’re getting each of them one?”

“Of course! Consider it a gift from me since it’s such a joyous occasion!” Sasha repeated herself in a sincere tone.

Those around her could barely conceal their excitement when they found out Sasha was serious. They gathered around to express their gratitude.

Truth be told, they were at least a decade older than Sasha, but they were no match for her in terms of buying power.
“M-Mrs. Jadeson, are you sure it’s fine? It’s going to cost you a leg and an arm!”

“She’s right, Mrs. Jadeson! This is too much!”

“It’s fine as long as it’s something all of you appreciate!” Sasha reassured them it wasn’t a big deal and handed over the card to the store attendant.

The women around Sasha made up their minds to keep Sasha safe from all harm whenever they were around her in the White House.

It turned out that was one of Sasha’s many goals for joining them in the store.

Those in the boutique store weren’t aware someone had been observing them from above when Sasha was about to foot the bill on their behalf.

“Is this Yariel’s wife?” The woman’s assistant answered with a courteous smile, “Yes.” The woman turned around and continued observing the interaction of those in the boutique store.

When Sasha handed the bracelet to those around her, she grinned in an elegant manner, muttering to herself, “She’s quite a smart woman since she knows it’s vital to get herself acquainted with others.”

Unable to fathom the things she brought up, her assistant asked, “Huh? What do you mean she’s trying to get herself acquainted with others? Isn’t she there to acquire the accessories she needs just like the rest in the store?”

“Indeed, the rest in the store are there to purchase the thing they need for the banquet, but that’s not the case for the young woman over there.”

Those around her can’t even afford the cheapest jewelry in the store, but that’s not the case for her. She’s merely there to do them a favor to get them to open up to her.

She turned around and instructed before entering another store, “Alright, why don’t you get in touch with Mrs. Croll and get her to hurry up because we’re running late.”

The coat the woman had put on couldn’t even conceal her great figure. She carried herself in an elegant manner, striding into the store even when she was in a hurry.

It was evident she was no ordinary patron of the mall.

Meanwhile, when Sasha and the rest walked out of the boutique store, one of them asked, “Mrs. Jadeson, are you heading to the highest level next?”

“The highest level?”

Sasha looked up when she heard the question coming from the enthusiastic woman next to her.

Chloe added, “Mrs. Jadeson, the highest floor is the place you can get your hands on the most unique items the mall has to offer! Speaking of which, I think I’ve seen Elizabeth traveling to the highest floor a few minutes ago!”

“Elizabeth?” Those around them were astonished to figure out the wife of the newly appointed president was there as well.
Similarly, Sasha turned around when she heard Chloe.

“What’s with the look? I’ve really seen her traveling upstairs with her assistant! If you guys don’t believe me, we’ll just head upstairs and figure out if she’s here or not!”

Instead of playing along with her, they remained silent since none of them, including Sasha, had any intention to pay the one on the highest level a visit.

A few seconds later, someone asked, “Is that Mrs. Croll and Mrs. Oveson? Are they here to keep Elizabeth company?”

Sasha felt a strong urge to leave the mall as soon as she turned around and caught a glimpse of Helma traveling upstairs with Dorthea, the woman whom she held a grudge against, using the elevator.

As they exchanged glances, Dorthea’s face puckered in irritation.
“Mrs. Hayes, we—”

“We’ll talk once we’re home!” Sasha turned around and thought of leaving once she finished her sentence.

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