Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1149

Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover chapter 1149

Sasha wasn’t afraid of the vicious duo, but she knew it wouldn’t be wise to cause the Jadesons any trouble.

After all, others could easily figure out she had been trying to form cliques with the women around her a short while ago.
To make things worse, the ones in the elevator weren’t even on good terms with her.

Those around her got in her way and asked when they figured out Sasha was about to leave, “Mrs. Jadeson, are you leaving so soon?”

Sasha brought herself to a halt and explained, “I’m so sorry, but I have to attend to an emergency.”

“Huh? We’re about to take you elsewhere with us! You don’t have to worry about running into them since this isn’t the only mall in Jadeborough!”

“She’s right, Mrs. Jadeson!” Sasha was surprised when those around her brought up the suggestion of bringing her to another mall with them.

All of a sudden, she was at a loss for words to turn them down. After much considerations, she repeated herself, “Thank you so much for the offer, but I’m afraid that’s impossible since I have an emergency that requires my attention. Is it fine if I leave the rest to all of you since most of you know the remaining guests better than I do?”

She made up her mind to entrust those around her with the remaining gifts she had to get the guests of the banquet and handed them her card.
On, God! Mrs. Jadeson is such a generous woman!

They couldn’t believe Sasha had handed over her card to them without much hesitation. They were equally thrilled to be entrusted with such an important task.

It was rare for those affiliated with the White House to open up to ane another unless there was some sort of ulterior motives in store.

In the end, Sasha returned home with Wendy while the rest headed off to another mall in Jadeborough to complete the assigned task.

The worried Wendy asked when they were on their way home, “Mrs. Hayes, I’m pretty sure they’re going to deem you a reliable friend of theirs, but are you ready to take the wife of the president as well as Mrs. Croll and Mrs. Oveson on?”

Sasha sneered and asked, “What do you mean? Are you indicating they’re going to make a fool out of me during the banquet tomorrow?”

As Wendy remained silent, Sasha added, “We shall see if they’re capable of making fun of me! I’m not really afraid if they’re coming after me! However, I’m afraid they’re plotting something against Sebastian again!”

Wendy’s face turned pale and haggard when she heard Sasha because that might be the case. Ultimately, she was up against the wives of the mainstay of the House, including the wife of the newly appointed president.

If they’re really up to something vicious, Sebastian, who’s on his own, might be in huge trouble.

Holding on to the steering wheel, Sasha fastened her grip when she thought of the things awaiting the man she held dear.

Sebastian, who was in Oceanic Estate, couldn’t move his eyes away from the surveillance footage. Those were the precise locations of their targets.

Their targets were constantly on the move since the dots on the screen continued traveling everywhere throughout the screen.
Jonathan asked, “How’s it going?”

‘I think we’re safe for the time being since Benedict hasn’t reported the incident to those from Jadeborough. That must be the reason none of them are on the move yet,” Sebastian answered while staring at the screen.

Seriously? What’s taking him so long?

His grandfather couldn’t remain calm anymore. He asked, “What are we supposed to do since Benedict has gotten suspicious? If things remain the same, he has to infiltrate the place! His life is going to be at stake!”

Sebastian was equally upset. He clenched his fists with all his might while staring at the screen full of dots.


Out of the blue, he heard his phone buzzing once again. He reached for his phone with a frown and found out that Sabrina, who was still at Bellridge, nad dropped Sasha a series of WhatsApp messages.

Sabrina: Hello? Can you answer my question? Stop ignoring me!

Sasha: Hurry up!

Sasha: Hello?

Sebastian couldn’t stand his sister bombarding him with a series of messages anymore. She hadn’t stopped texting him ever since he took over Sasha’s phone.

Has she always conversed with him in such an irritating manner? The already frustrated Sebastian drafted his reply to take things out on the one annoying him.

Sasha: Can you stop making a fuss out of something trivial? You don’t think he’s still kicking and alive next to you if it’s something life-threatening, do you?

Sabrina gaped at Sasha’s reply and thought she had been seeing things because of the seemingly harsh reply.
What the hell? Is Sasha yelling at me through the phone?

A few seconds later, she drafted her reply to return the favor.

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