Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1151

Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover chapter 1151

“Can you see yet?” Sabrina started waving her hands in front of the man because she thought he still hadn’t regained his sense of sight.

Truth be told, she was the reason he couldn’t move his eyes away from her.
He chuckled and announced, “I can see you very well, Ms. Sabrina. May I know how long have I been unconscious?”

Sabrina moved her hands away from him and said, “You were unconscious throughout the night. Are you going to tell me what’s wrong with you? Why have you stopped me from rushing you to the hospital? What’s with the mysterious bottle of pills in your drawer? Just what on earth is going on?”

She didn’t bother to hold back her curiosity since the man in front of her couldn’t intimidate her like his brother.

Edmund felt a shiver running down his back when he heard Sabrina—he thought she might have discovered something when he was unconscious throughout the night.

“H-Has my father dropped by?” “Huh? No!” ‘If that’s the case—”

“Sebastian told me the pills were of utmost importance for your life and warned me to store it inside the temperature regulating device! Now, I want you to tell me if you’re ill, or are you in such a bad shape because of others?”

I’m just glad she’s a simple-minded woman. It doesn’t even take much of an effort to trick her into telling me everything I need to know,

He heaved a long sigh of relief and muttered, “I’ve always been relatively frail ever since I was young, but it wasn’t a big deal since I spent most of my time doing nothing at home. Had my father not beaten me to a pulp, I wouldn’t have ended up as such.”

Sitting upright an the couch, he made something up with a serious look to deceive the woman next to him.
Huh? Has he always been ill or something?

As the woman started sizing him up with a scowl and stared at his pelvic area for quite a long time, he knew she must have misperceived things.

A few seconds later, he cleared his thought and assured ihe woman, “Ms. Sabrina, thanks for your concern, but this isn’t the reason I’m not feeling well.”


‘m trying to tell you that you’re overthinking things!” Aware of the things she had in mind, he accidentally raised his volume against her.

Just what the hell is wrong with her? Can’t she even think properly? Since when has she turned into a woman with so many filthy thoughts?

Sabrina finally returned to her senses when she heard the man. As a result, she flushed and stomped her way to her room, indicating she was equally irked.

He’s such a jerk! How dare he raise his volume against me when he would’ve been dead by now if it weren’t because of me? Half an hour later, Edmund was the sprightly young man again self after having another pill once he took his shower.
He thought it was time to get them checked into another hotel just in case of the worst.

Since he left the hospital in the hurry, he couldn’t check on Benedict. Therefore, he was afraid Benedict might show up at the hotel after being apart with him for a night.

He returned to the living room and said, “Ms. Sabrina—” Knock! Knock! Knock! Someone knocked on the door when he was about to bring up the suggestion to get them checked into another hotel.

Who is it? Could it be Benedict? What am I supposed to do? Shall I pretend I’m still unconscious and continue sleeping on the couch?

Edmund was a rebellious man. Most of the time, he wouldn’t even listen to his father. However, he knew he wasn’t a match for Benedict since Benedict was quite an influential man.
Out of nowhere, the woman in the room rushed into the living room, announcing at the top of her lungs, “I’m coming!”

Edmund stared at her open-mouthed as she continued marching in the direction of the entrance and answered the door without a second thought.

He was in a state of bewilderment until he saw the man standing at the entrance of the suite.
“It’s you!” Sabrina greeted the handsome man at the entrance.

In return, Karl announced, “Mr. Hayes sent me to take you and Mr. Cooper home with me once he received the request from you. We have everything ready to take him away with us. Actually, we can move out as soon as both of you are ready.”

He secretly let out a sigh of relief when he found out Edmund was safe and sound inside the suite.

Sabrina reprimanded Karl, “Are you indicating I’m the one who wants to take him home with me? It’s Sebastian’s instructions, not mine!”

“Indeed, it’s Mr. Hayes’ instructions. Mr. Cooper, are you feeling well? Shall we leave at once? What about you, Ms.

Karl took another peek at the man next to Sabrina as he played along with her.

To Karl’s surprise, the man arched his brows as if he was against the idea of leaving with him. He seemed as if he had something else in mind.

It was then Sabrina who turned around and disguised her instructions with a series of rhetorical questions. “What are you doing? Hurry up and pack your stuff unless you wish to return to your heartless father!”

Edmund approached the seemingly irked woman with his lips pursed.

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